auto review hi I'm Joe wiesenfelder with here
to show you an interesting new model from acura the 2010 ZDX now it's kind of
unique but it might remind you of cars like the BMW x6 and the honda accord
crosstour because it has a scoop like roofline in four doors now even though
honda owns accurate this is not based on the crosstour it's actually based on the
mdx which even though it costs a few thousand dollars less has seven seats
the ZDX here has five ish now I said it seats five ish because you pay a price
for this low roofline it's quite difficult to get into now once you clear the roof is actually
ok Headroom for someone my height I'm six feet tall but it's not we would call
roomie my knees are raised quite a bit compared to the RDX which is the cheaper
5c crossover this has 10 cubic feet less passenger volume at 91 cubic feet now
the idea is indeed to carry cargo you want to put the seat down and even at
this ZDX isn't very good at it the farther back you go the less height
you have so this is about as good as it gets this is not a whole lot of height now
likewise in the rear cargo area there are some limitations now first thing you see is there's a
nice been down here which is it's good to have it will put some stuff out of
sight but unfortunately be better to have just a whole lot of vertical space
and this also blocks the review if you leave it up now you might be wondering
how do i put my golf bags in here you can even if people are in the backseat
by opening up these cubbies once again compared with the RDX which is smaller this has five cubic feet less total
cargo volume now this is the best thing about the ZDX
the front seats and the best of the best is actually this Center control panel
which accurate calls the monomyth alright a little bit overly dramatic it
is very cool you'll notice there are no labels on the buttons at all actually
not sure they are but until you turn it on and then when you turn it off they fade to black again it's a little
thing yeah but it's pretty cool now overall actors making some really nice
interiors the styling is modern the materials are soft touch where they need
to be and also really nice use of aluminum trim and including here on the
the center control panel if it's not real aluminum it's pretty darn close now I'll direct you to to my
full review to get the idea of the driving experience of the ZDX it's
intended to be sporty has 300 horsepower all-wheel drive but this is a car that
tries to do a lot of things tries to be sporty tries to beat all tries to be
stylish and versatile and as a result it doesn't excel in any one of those things
I don't know if accurate will be able to justify having built this model at all
but that's their problem if you like you bought for more car related news go to
for our blog kicking tires .


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