Here's the number one reason why you don't want to buy this 2020 Jeep renegade None of it is made in the United States. Stay tuned for the next four recent Why not to buy the Jeep renegade on car fluent? Hey, let's jump inside we're gonna check out the interior here We're gonna give you the number two reason coming right now of why you don't want to buy this 2020 Jeep renegade Alright, let's get another camera. All right, let's grab it Hey Keith of all you who have been and let's tell them number two a reason why not to buy this renegade. Alright? Hey, there is something I noticed so let's check this out first. All right, look at the speaker here This this jeeps got four speakers. There's been the 2020 model and the 2019 model haven't changed at all So they're the same they did change a little bit from the 18 to the 19 Yeah, but the speakers here are pretty cool.

There's four of them inside here They have the nice Jeep logo that you know the grille and the circles there right there on the speakers. That's pretty cool I'll show you then you have a seven slot grill. Yes, very nice. What do you think about the interior? Thank you. You know this Thing very much. It's very small here. You're very cramped. You know, you don't have much space. You gotta be a small person I'm a small person So, you know it kind of fits me but if you're a bigger person, you know, yeah So that's reason number two – in our opinion Everybody's got their own opinion and leave your comments below. But that's our opinion number two is it's very cramped inside It says it seats five, but it actually seats four I mean if you crawl in the back, which will do here in a minute on it You can see that in the backseat.

You're gonna notice it here in a minute. The backseat really only seats about four four people Yeah, yeah All right. So let's check out the rest of this interior. There are some good things about it We're gonna check that out right now, you know Not everybody's you know has the same opinion as us and that's that's what makes the world turn So let's check about what we like about this and one thing I really like about this renegade. Is that nice? 8.4 touchscreen display that it has that's very nice. I like that very much, you know Yeah This is one of the upgrades that they had from the 2018 model that only had a seven-inch touchscreen Now they have the pits very very nice. Yupp scream 8.4 inch and I can watch some Netflix on that thing what I like very much has also has heated steering wheel That's very nice.

You know, I like that We have you know leather to go all of the interior of this Renegade it's very nice. You know, you have all your normal stuff here Leather see hit it the heated seats. Both both seats are heated one disappointing thing This thing goes for about thirty two thousand dollars. This is the limited. This is the Jeep renegade limited 4×4 This one here is the upgraded model, but it doesn't have power passenger seat So, you know we have power season this I but we don't have power see and this side right? I mean the leather is nice when you are buying the limited you would think you'll get power seats on both sides But you know, we do have heated seats, right? The other thing I noticed the armrest is Super small.

I mean it's okay for somebody like you on me. I mean, you're very small you barely can free anything There's like just like I did like it was like our cell phone. That's about it. You can't be very much The cupholders are very small to say you go to my dollars, you know You give this a really large drink you can't fit that in there Yeah, a lot of lot of 20/20 models now also will have the charging station the docking station for phones.

It doesn't have that Yeah, this one does have I mean you have your USB in your ice core and all that. Yes, that's down here You know, you have your 12 volt. Oh right there now they say these are made for off-roading right now This has got a 1.4. Liter engine has 4×4 has a nine speed transmission It says it's made for off-roading and it does have some cool switches here. Yeah right here We only have the auto snow sand and mud by me. I Don't know it seemed like that many up. Yeah, when we get around to the outside, we're gonna see the 18-inch wheels It's got aluminum 18 inch wheels, but I'm not sure what it's offered Am I go through an alley or something, but be a nice feet automatic and I agree with I don't know, you know I don't really know what to think check on the – it's pretty cool that she's very cool You know, they have that any law.

I've been there and all that stuff of the fun. So you get your gas mileage, whatever It's very high-tech looking. I like that. It's very nice looking. It's very crisp clear. Look on a display just like Touchscreen and stuff. Yep, the glove box box is large. Yeah, it's huge. That's the biggest thing. Yeah But hey the sissy bar, yeah, that's where when you're off-roading going through the alley in this little bit So, you know if you are actually one of those person like that goes to go I like to go out bro You know, you're bigger people.

I'm very like a very small person. So yeah, I think hold on Hey, here's another here's a good thing about this thing All right, we're giving it a lot of negatives But this is pretty cool this they've made the sky roof open that sucker up might be my favorite part right here Look at that. That's very nice Yeah, I like that. That's really nice and it's got two of them. Yes, so From here. I think you have to open it automatically from back there. So let me hop back there. All right yeah, and we're gonna see the size because that was reason number two was the interior in the space you have in here we Got the doors open.

Let's check out the back seat, you know get int how tall are you on it? I'm 5/8 and This place, you know as now I don't know I mean, it's pretty tight It's okay, but it's very tight tie back here one thing I really don't like back here is how uncomfortable these seats are they don't have no support I mean They're just, you know firmer the place very firm. I mean, they're very flat like and one other thing I don't like this right here When you pull this down your cup holder This is like so heavy and then when you put your learn right here in the armrest the armrest in the back is bigger Than the middle Council armrests in the front you and I mean when you put your arm right here You feel like you're putting your arm on some metal.

Yes, here's one thing that they made That's a lot of times armrests in the backs will be really flimsy and they'll shake around a lot this one here They put a headrest in the middle, right and it acts like a base and a support so it's kind of firm Doesn't go anywhere but you know you see this right here So once you open this right here you have like just this open space in the middle That's kind of nice if you're storing some skis or snowboards or something. Let me tell you one thing It might be nice. But same time in mind not if you have things back there and you break our they might justify torture So that's a negative thing about it back here.

So I like I was saying, I don't know how you open this back here All right, hey why don't you why I got the camera in hand, let's go ahead and open the hatch in the back Let's give you another shot while he's opening the hatch. Oh, hey that reminds me the hatch Should be automatic. It's not a Medicating you had to pull it up yourself You see this so it goes up itself but to push it down. You have to bring it down yourself Yeah So for us for a 20/20 you think they were to change I feel like they should've made a automatic back here Very limited space you don't have that much space, you know you have a little compartment back here Bob besides that you don't have much I mean Down here.

I'm not sure what you can poop down here. You're not on it. Usually there's a spare tire But this one this I have a spare tire. So they just made it like, you know, it's just a play Yeah, I don't know. All right, so interior Limited space that's reason number two reason number three This thing's ugly. This is ugly this I don't like the design at all. I gotta agree with you right there I don't like at all. Yeah. Oh very ugly a Shape to it. It looks like a it looks like a cereal box alright The only real way I'm gonna buy this is if I'm 65 years old and LD. I'm not 65 years All right, you're not there yet. But if I'm 65 years old, and I'm worried about the snow All right. Maybe I'll I'll get this but it's ugly.

All right, it's just like that's reason number three, right? All right Let's check out a little bit in the front of this because there's some there's the nice part they put that for that Mm 19 and 20 are basically the exact same so in 2019, they switch to the LED lights. That's nice feature Very nice. Yeah, very nice. They kept the same brown circle that Jeep has Look at the grille, they made the grille larger in 2009. You know, I will tell you this This is the only part that I like about this ring.

Everybody likes the Jeep girl, so they have that one That's cool. Yeah. Yep, LED lights. They got the guys, you know, we got the grill. That's nice. That's fine You're taller than this Aldi and I'm only five eight Yeah, I'm only five in all right, but all right. There's a reason they've only sold 600,000 of these things 600,000 that's not very many. Very many that since 2014. They started making the Jeep renegade in 2014. They've sold 600,000 worldwide they've sold most of them in the u.s 385,000 through 2018 they sold three hundred eighty-five thousand in the United States alone Right what I don't like which was these reason number one None of them are made in the United States first Jeep ever to not be made in the United States Why I don't know I don't understand either. You know, that's a good question. If any of you know that just coming below enough talking and let's jump to reason number 4 reason number 4 why I don't like this Jeep renegade is Because only does 23 and city and 29 a highway I mean for being such a small vehicle as this renegade you would think that would do way better on gas fuel I mean most it's more cars like these are usually electric cars, you know But they've got the hybrid the regeneration of the Marill.

This is bad. It's not good I mean, like I said, you won't think it will be so good, but it's not I mean I can get that in my Ford Fusion and that's much bigger true you but right I don't know that so that's a Good reason number four, you know low gas mileage. It's not good and you know one would think just let's hop onto the wheels I know you wanted to say something about that. Let me grab the camera and let's show them these wheels Alright, so let's talk about the wheels here This is my reason number five of why not to buy the 2020 Jeep renegade and that's the wheel size This is supposed to be a four by four a four by four with 18 inch wheels.

I Don't know about that. The only thing I'm four-by-four than these is through my alley, you know, okay, so it's good Again, like we said just a minute ago. You're 65 years old. You're trying to go through the winter. It's fine It's gonna do good, but you are you know, I mean Jeep come on. Yeah these these are very small tired And I mean you would think they would have more grip or no that you know if it's all season tires Right all season tires on here. One thing they did though that is a positive in 2018 they had 17 inch tires to thousand 19 they switch to the 2019 all aluminum wheels, so But they're boring. They're more. Yeah, they could be more fun or you know, make them a little more fun but yeah, let's get an upper close up this and As you can see, these are like baby tires right here. Yeah for 4×4 and for Jeep, right? I mean you see the other jeeps they got way bigger tires.

I mean, there's not much about that's reasonable They sold 600,000 of them. There's several reasons low gas mileage Its ugly right that that's my top reason that's very ugly, you know, and it's very small, right? Alright, so remember this is the the 2020 Jeep Limited renegade So the limited is the highest one they do make and that's a little bit different That's the trailhawk but the lowest model is the sport. Alright, so that goes for roughly 20 20 thousand something Okay ends, then. They go with the latitude. That's a good midsize You know that runs, you know 23 to 26 thousand and they got the limited This one has lots of options with the sky roof and leather seats and stuff So this one's about 32,000 then they got the trailhawk So this is technically the best that you can get out of one of these renegade yeah, I mean if you go with the trailhawk you get a little bit better off-road suspension system and Some underneath plates for off-roading You know I'm gonna get the Wrangler That's what I always say too.

But you know since you're already right here, I got a touch up something I mean Right. Okay here I'll leave it to you right here. I Saw you standing over here, and I couldn't stop noticing these cheap mir This is plastic What the hell are you supposed to go up floating a rock hits this and you're your mirror just completely goes off Yeah, very cheap that the site light Design is kind of poor. There's no Chrome on the outside You know, yeah, not much to like a button. No, there's not much to review on the outside. That's why we started with the interior Plastic here. You got plastic there. You got plastic everywhere. I mean you wouldn't think These are so many metal thing you got right? I have to knock on it because I wasn't sure if it was So I forgot to talk about this here But check out the X that they put here on the taillights that goes back to the first jeeps that they made were for world War ii and you know, they put the X's on all the taillights there.

That's kind of cool that they did that, you know The tow hitch. They I feel like it should have had it for being a g4 shouldn't have to hitch, but that's fine You know one thing I do have to touch up the small blade. Yeah, see how small display is that thing is tiny He's like a baby plate This kind of cool the spoiler looks a little bit sporty on the top They should have moved if you click right above here You can check out the Cadillac review they did and that had the windshield blade. There was hidden underneath the spoiler That was pretty cool You know just make sure you like and subscribe stay tuned and car from click on this video right below here And we'll see you next time. I'm curve ruler.

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