– Many of you might be
completely unaware of this, but the SUV that I'm driving today is the best-selling three-row
luxury SUV of all time, why? Well, it's reliable, it's comfortable, and it doesn't carry an insane price tag. My name is Omar, and today, I'm test
driving the 2022 Acura MDX. Why not 2021? Because Acura
is living in the future. (upbeat music) Acura has sold more than 1 million units of the MDX over 20 years, so when it comes to updating
something that successful, I'm pretty sure it could
be a daunting task. But Acura is not afraid, not at all. Because they went as far as updating the MDX from the ground up. So now, the MDX isn't just
a re badge Honda pilot. You see, Acura is moving further
and further away from Honda as much as possible. And so the new MDX sits on the brand's exclusive
light truck platform that was developed for the type S which will come out later this year. That being said, let me give you a tour of the 2022 Acura MDX.

So then I'll give you my opinion
on what I think about it. But before I do, make
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All right, let's do this. Now, let's do it like we usually do by looking at all of the
cool and interesting things that you should know
about the 2022 Acura MDX because this thing has
received quite an upgrade. Let's kick things off with
one of my favorite things about new Acura models
and that's the graphics and the sounds that you
see in the gauge cluster and the infotainment system.

When you first unlock
your MDX and get inside and close the door, there's a cool little Volcom animation with a really cool sound. And when you hit the start button, it'll continue just like that. And then once you're done driving your MDX and you're ready to depart,
hit the stop button, you'll have this awesome animation, which sounds like you're
departing a spaceship. But it doesn't stop there. As you're circling
through your drive modes, you have more animations. Check that out, that's
snow. This is comfort. This is normal. And my favorite has to be sport, because it makes me feel like I'm driving the Acura MDX type S and not the 290 horsepower one.

So, you know, the phrase
past the auxiliary cord or the aux cord, well,
that does not apply here. And that's because the new MDX feature is something called the social playlist. In the simplest terms, all
the passengers in the MDX can hook up to the in-car cabin control, and via the app, they
can start sending songs to the social playlist and start putting the tracks into queue. This is a brilliant idea. And honestly, I don't know
why no other automaker has thought of it yet. So you won't have a bunch
of people fighting over what song plays next
on your next road trip. Now, the new MDX makes a big
effort to increase comfort and utility inside the cabin. And we'll talk a little
bit more about that later. But there are two things that I really wanna point out here. The middle part right
here in the second row, isn't just an arm rest
and some storage area with a set of cup holders, you can actually lift this up
and use it as another seat, making this a seven passenger SUV.

But the cooler part is that
you can actually take out the middle seat altogether
and leave it at home so you can have second row captain chairs with the wide pass
through to the third row. Most automakers will
actually charge you extra for a second row captain chairs, but it's standard here on the new MDX. Now for the 2022 model here, the Acura MDX also gets
increased cargo capacity with an additional 2.3 cubic
feet behind the third row and an extra 3.3 cubic
feet behind the second row.

And you also have a two position
for behind the third row so if you have larger items,
you can just remove this piece altogether for some extra space. But the coolest thing is
that the lid right here behind the third row is reversible. The thought here is that if
you wanna load regular items, you can keep this carpet's soft side here. But if you're about to load
something muddy, dirty, or wet, you can just simply flip it
over to this hard plastic side so it's easier to clean. That's
very convenient.

All right. So there's a bunch of other
interesting stuff in here. So let's do a quick rapid fire session of all the other cool things that you can find in the new MDX. You have Amazon Alexa built right in here. You see this little battery charging logo, where do you plug things
in? Oh, right there. You have a USB-C port in a
USB port. That's pretty cool. The new MDX is acting all
Siri suggestions up in here with smart shortcuts. The more you use certain items
in the infotainment system, the smarter it'll get over time. Just like every other three-row SUV, the Acura MDX has cabin
talks so your voice amplifies to the passengers in the third row. Because for some reason, it's
really hard for them to hear you from the front.

And then the ELS studio 3D
sound system with 13 speakers is really a B. So if you
appreciate a good sound system, make sure you get that option. Now let's talk about how
much the new MDX costs pricing starts at $46,900
for the base model. The top of the line advance
trim will start at $60,650. As tested here, this is the
A-spec with some options you're looking at around
$57,600. So not that bad at all. Let's talk horsepower and torque. Power still comes from a 3.5
liter V6 making 290 horsepower and 267 pound feet of torque. And that's made it to a 10
speed automatic transmission. And that will allow you to do zero to 60 in about six or 6.2 seconds with a top speed of 115 miles an hour. So it's respectably quick. Now when it comes to fuel economy, you get 19 city and 25 highway, you have an 18.5 gallon tank capacity. I'm averaging after a
couple of days of driving a total of 14.3 miles a gallon. Not bad. Let's take a look at the
exterior design of the new MDX, because in my opinion,
it looks very stylish.

Acura was able to bring this into 2021. I mean, 2022 without
overstalling the heck out of it. When the new MDX pulled up to my house, I honestly thought it
looked a little bit smaller than the outgoing model, but it actually measures an
extra 2.2 inches in length. And it's also a little bit wider. In my honest opinion, it's definitely one of the best
looking SUV in the segment.

And even though it looks
a little bit smaller than the outgoing MDX, you still have the same ground
clearance of 7.3 inches. I love the front end design quite a bit with large diamond Pentagon grill that has a nice drill look to it. It definitely took Acura some time to get their grills right, but
they finally figured it out. The front end also features a new design to the Jul ILED headlamps
that Acura is well-known for, with the chicane daytime running lights, which actually look pretty sharp.

I also think the tail lights
look pretty sharp here. They have a chicane
design to them as well, and they look pretty stylish. Now my test model here is the A-Spec. So it looks a little bit more sportier than the other MDX trims with a sport appearance package that gives it a more athletic look. You also get these really cool looking 20-inch sharp gray wheels,
which I think look pretty boss. And then you have A-Spec
badging all around to let everybody know that your MDX is just a
little bit cooler than theirs. Well that is in told
the MDX type S comes up. Let's check out the cargo
capacity before we move on. You can pop up to the trunk by the button right here under the Acura
logo, and once you get it open, you have 16.3 cubic feet
behind the third row, 39.1 cubic feet behind the second row, and with all the rows folded, you have a massive 71.4 cubic
feet. So it's pretty spacious.

Now let's hop inside and
check out the interior of the new MDX, because it's actually a
very nice place to be. In my opinion, it's the right
balance of luxury and sport. I've been loving what Acura
is doing with their interior since the debut of the new RDX. The new design theme then saw
its way into the updated TLX and it's now making its way into the brand's most
popular vehicle, the MDX. Feel around the cabin, and you'll see there's
a nice use of materials all around this cabin. You have soft touch
and leather everywhere. And my A-Spec test model here has this awesome red stitching,
which looks really cool.

Now, if you go for the A-Spec, you will get these red
Milano leather seats trimmed with some ultrasuede and they are actually
very, very comfortable. You get heated front seats as standard across the line of cooled
seats come in to play when you start shopping at the A-Spec or the advanced level. If you want a heated steering wheel, you'll have to go for the top
of the line advanced model. You don't get heated
steering on any other trim. But the $3,500 A-Spec
package will give you this awesome leather wrap,
flat bottom steering wheel, along with this really cool geometric trim that you see right here.

Let's hop in the second row and check out what kind of
leg room you're working with. You get 38.5 inches of rear leg room. I'm about six foot tall.
That's my seating position. I have a good amount of
space, not bad at all. You also have your own climate control back here in the second row. If you go for the advanced,
you will get heated seats, the buttons of which would be right here. You also get two USB ports and
a cigarette lighter charger, and you also have manual hater
shades, which is pretty dope. Now let's check out what kind
of space you're working with in the third row.

To get in the third row,
you just hit this button right here, and the
seat will slide forward, giving you a passageway
to get into the third row. Once you get back here,
you have 29.1 inches. It's really difficult
for me to get back here being my height, but I guess
it's good for smaller rides and for smaller children. So yeah. By the way, if the second
row passenger is a jerk and just leaves you sitting back here without moving their seat, you can just hit the
button from right here and the seat will fold
forward. So you can get up. Let's talk about tech really quick. You have a 12.3 inch digital
gauge cluster display. It's nothing too fancy, but it does have a lot of information and it's pretty intuitive.

It does have little cool animations when you're circling
through the drive modes. I like sport view the
most, it looks really dope. And then you have two layouts including crafted and advanced. This one you're viewing
right now is advanced, and this is crafted. I
like advanced a lot better. As for the center display,
this is a 12.3 inch display for the infotainment system. And if you want a deeper dive
into this infotainment system, go check out my Acura TLX review. I go into a little bit of detail there So check that out when you have some time. Overall, it's pretty to use, it does take some time to get
used to the touch pad control because this is not a touch screen, but it is very intuitive
once you get used to it. And it's definitely worth
mentioning that the new MDX comes standard with wireless, Android auto and wireless Apple car play
so that is a huge plus. Now, before I give you my
opinion on how it is to drive the new MDX, let me point
out few random things that I'll have to show all of you.

You have six cup holders,
two in the front, then you have two in the second row, as long as you don't
remove that middle seat. And then you have two for
the third row passengers, one right there. And one right there. Here are what the keys look
like for the 2022 Acura MDX. Not bad. They're smaller.
And they look pretty solid. Door open and close sound from the outside and from the inside. Pretty solid. And there's that cool animation again. Now I've really shown you much
of the charging game going on in here, you do have a USBC
port and a bunch of USB ports, but you also have a
wireless charger right here. And that's standard, I really wish other
automakers will start offering wireless charging as standard.
And the MDX definitely does. By the way, I know a lot
of people are pissed off about the push button gear selector, because they have nothing to hold onto. But Acura has the perfect
solution for this. You can just hold onto this, which feels like a giant gear selector. But it's to cover the
wireless charging tray.

That's pretty cool. And I wish more people
would point that out and stop being so angry about that. Let's hear the indicator and horn sound on the 2022 Acura MDX indicator first. And now for the horn sound. Pretty solid. I like it. And now that I've given you
a tour of the 2022 Acura MDX, let me give you my opinion
on what I think about it. All right, let's get to it. I've always liked the MDX, and I was a bit nervous when I found out that Acura would be doing a
complete departure from Honda for the new model. But honestly, it's not bad at
all because the new MDX aims to keep performance front and center.

Not only is the new platform
made for type S style performance, but the new MDX is more rigid with better handling. It has a double wishbone front suspension, which is a first for the MDX. And it's coupled with a super handling, all-wheel drive system. Now that may sound like the new MDX is gonna be a little bit
harsher than the outgoing model, but it also has an upgraded
Multilink rear suspension, which will help smoothen things out. It still carries a 290 horsepower, 3.5 liter V6 under the head. And that's not a bad thing at all because a lot of the SUVs
in the luxury segment are offered with four-cylinder engines for the entry-level models. The Acura MDX and the Lexus RX are one of the few luxury SUV's that still come standard with the V6. And that's very important to some people. Believe me, the thought of
having a four-cylinder engine in a luxury SUV really turns
off a lot of people out there. This segment is packed with
some very impressive options, including the new Genesis GV 80, which has quickly become
one of my favorite options. But Acura themselves say that
there are competing with cars like the Audi Q7, the Lexus RX, and I would also throw the
Infiniti QX 60 in that mix.

And I think that's the perfect balance of healthy competition for the MDX. The only thing I'll say
that I really don't like about the new MDX is the engine noise. I get it that Acura is going
for that emotional connection. But when you accelerate really hard, there's a lot of engine noise
that comes into the cabin, but it isn't super exciting. I believe there is some fake
engine noise being pumped in through the speakers, but I couldn't find a way to turn it off.

Listen to it in sport mode
and when I accelerate. (engine roaring) It's a little bit of a cool
sound, but it's not that cool. Now later this year, you will
have the Acura MDX type S which will make 355 horsepower. And I'm pretty sure I
won't mind the engine noise in that at all, because that's expected. Now, like I said before,
there is a lot of competition in this luxury SUV segment, but I would definitely buy the Acura MDX over the Infiniti, QX 60. I would also buy it over the Lexus RX because that thing is just
getting really boring. If you want a more modern
interior, a better looking car, with a lot of gadgets and gizmos,
the MDX is a great option.

Not to mention pricing-wise,
it's much cheaper than a lot of the other
German luxury SUV's. So if you're looking to save some money, this is definitely a great place to be. Either way, thanks for watching. Make sure you hit subscribe. Make sure you hit, like, make sure you follow me on
Instagram and on TikTok. My handle is @OMARDRIVES. I'll
catch you on the next one.

Take care. Peace. (engine roaring) V-sixers always better
than four cylinders. Great job Acura..

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