hey everyone we're working on a podcast about how tough it is to buy a car right now from dealers charging thousands over sticker price to used cars selling close if not over the price people paid for them brand new it's a wild time to be car shopping and we'd love to hear from you text or email a video to talking cars at icloud.com and tell us about your experience about buying a new or used car recently that's talking cars at icloud.com thanks and on with the show [Music] hi and welcome to talking cars i'm jennifer stockberger i'm mike monticello and i'm ryan pizzelkowski so this week's car of the week if you will is the 2022 bmw 2 series coupe and before we get going on this car in particular ryan there's some two-series confusion if that's the right word can you walk people through how this two series differs from maybe the grand coup yeah so the the two series we have a 228i x drive uh all-wheel drive this is already tested that we've already tested that we so when people say you just throw the you know they say two series you think it's just a two series and this that's a coupe and this is or that was a four-door and now this is a coupe no they're two totally different cars and thank god because that 228 in my opinion was it's a it's a it's a all-wheel drive but it's a front-wheel based all-wheel drive system it does not feel like a bmw's um and it's true handling glory that it should be right um we'll we'll get into that this is a this coming from a past bmw driver yes yeah so bmw is something i've i've studied over the years so and they drive me nuts because they change the numbers they they're always changing the the the body style numbers and it's just you know back in the day it was there was a 3 series a 5 series and 7 series and then it was a 325 it was a 2.5 liter motor but that's what the two five minutes yeah and then it went to like a 328 and it was like okay it was a 2.8 liter and then all of a sudden they're like well it's a 330 but it's actually a 2.8 liter engine and then you come fast forward even more years it's a it's a 330 but it's a turbocharged four-cylinder it's it's so it's it's chaos the numbers don't make sense like they used to and you know like you were saying ryan it's based on a front-wheel drive platform the platform is that's also used for the bmw's x1 and x2 small suvs which were based on the platform of the mini cooper countrymen again that's the grand coupe it's silly compared to this um this is a true bmw the two series is a smaller smaller than a three series it's a coupe rear rear-wheel drive uh based um car and it is fantastic to drive i was very happy because i was a little let down when i saw on the list we were getting a two series coupe i was like oh well it's gonna be like maybe like the one we you know the 228 no this is uh um you know everything about it feels better um and it's don't be confused with the 228.

So if we want to get ryan fired up talk to him about bmws it sounds like hanjin yeah you know take that bmw so mike any do you agree you prefer yeah i i i you know i i thought that the grand coupe actually did okay um i i thought it i agree it definitely doesn't feel like a real bmw uh but uh yeah traditional maybe a traditional yeah traditional bmw but did you did did you tell me that this this coupe this two series coupe is not available with a manual at all manual transmission at all right so how dare you disconnect for you i know that's a bummer so yeah so the car we bought uh does so we rented one in we bought one that we're testing and um yeah so it has a 255 horsepower turbo four cylinder basically the same you know with an eight-speed automatic basically the same thing as our basic same powertrain as our three series except that our three series that we tested was all-wheel drive so now we get the real thing right right this is the rear drive version and you know the the power train we already thought it was great in the 3 series and it's still great obviously here it feels really well matched to the size and weight of of this uh coupe which did get a little bigger and a little heavier uh with this redesign but um yeah i mean the the it up shifts uh quickly and smoothly i thought actually the downshifts were really smooth sometimes like i thought the downshifts were so good that when with this transmission when you're at like 50 throttle or a little harder sometimes you you do feel those up shifts which i know ryan has said in the past he doesn't mind if you're if you're driving the car hard he doesn't mind a good stiff up shift but that's how good the downshifts are right is that you you don't feel them you barely feel them um and then when you talk about uh also i liked putting the car uh in sport mode because it sounds a little you know it has a little sportier note to it i think bmw's kind of famous these days for piping that in which offends me on some levels you know because i feel like it should always be done through exhaust baffles or something like that or you know pressing an exhaust button but i liked the way it sounded better anyway so i always put it in there so on that note too the sport it did have the drive modes it did change i think the exhaust note for lack of a better word and it changed steering feel and i think suspensions felt stiffer but to your point when you when you went through the comfort i think the other one was comfort it changes the steering it doesn't change the suspension it doesn't have adapters but it does change the way the the kind of like the firmness of the steering right right but yeah the steering does it gains a little heft um it's you know it adds to that boardier feel you know but you know today's standards everything's a little bit numb if you will it doesn't have that raw feeling like it used to but um i'll get over it eventually i would i would argue that bmw and this transmission is probably the best train regular automatic transmission ever i think i think it's fantastic it's flawless it is literally flawless yeah i i'm gonna push back a little bit on the steering i that was kind of my only let down with the car you mentioned vague ryan i think you said vague i'm saying it now anyway it's a little vague uh that said even though it doesn't tell you much you know what what we want out of steering is you're going through the corner and you want to feel some stuff through the steering wheel you want you know you're talking about road texture and tire grip that's what you want to be feeling it doesn't tell you too much i all that said it turn it turns in naturally has a pretty natural heft to it right uh and then the suspension works great at getting the car through the turns and because it's rear-wheel drive if you you know maybe coming out of some tight corners you can get on the throttle pretty hard and that's when we talk about kind of steering it with the throttle maybe get a little bit of oversteer uh before the you know stability control cuts in if you still have it on and that's the kind of rear drive feel that we're talking about and that we love so that that's really cool i will say that the we talked about the rented car that one had the uh you know an optional sport suspension and i that one i thought rode a lot firmer considerably firmer than this car and this car still rides firm you know we talk about german car tautness that's a thing right for years back in what 80s and 90s you know feels like a german car everything we wanted to feel like a german car because they feel taught without being harsh the borrowed one was pretty darn stiff this one is still quite firm but i thought livable and also this one had ours has 18s the borrowed one had 19s i don't want i know ryan gets defensive about the tires don't blame it on the tires but you know that does make a difference and so i do think powers worked better from that perspective still gives you the good handling but with a a little more comfortable right i thought you guys are and i think when it's stiffer when it's just suspended more stiffly you do get more noise too in the cabin it just conveys up through which i do think this had over the grand coupe 228 xi that don't get why would you try and get ryan fired up sorry with you but the and again i i agree with everything you guys are saying my issues with the car have nothing to do with the powertrain handling ride they have to do with it being a coupe the very nature of what it is the very nature of it what are you an anti-coupet kind of or i think is that a thing i think i've become that could be a thing right yeah are you talking to the cat anyway there's nobody in there there's no no no no outfit access rear seat room like to me it's did you say seat belt fit what do you what do you mean by that because it has no adjustable anchor the seatbelt literally runs across my shoulder oh you can't adjust it on the b pillar no because it's a coupe because it's a coupe so it anchors goofy for me again i'm probably sitting far closer than you guys are but all of that personally i would take the four-door practicality access etc of the grand coupe xi 228 that we already tested or the three series if you're serious right or you're talking about the backseat though jen how about how slowly the front seats move forwards i mean it's cool that they do it automatically but plus it's really hard to find this lever on the back of the upper part of the seat back to pull on it right first like you're trying to find the thing you pull on it and then you know you put the seat back forwards and then now it's so slowly this is about how fast it moves as i'm going across this is how fast the seat moves it's going to go upwards you know what it's telling you it's ridiculous it's telling you you shouldn't be putting anybody back there that's that's for your duffel bag not for any people so anyway yeah and i will i again i always say lots of standard safety features forward collision warning automatic emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclists blind spot which we don't always see as part of the package lane departure warning et cetera et cetera et cetera so um yeah so of course we'll have full test results coming but it sounds like maybe a driver's car for sure absolutely albeit just know me listen that one piece yeah i know he's missing that one it's a bummer because i remember we tested a one series when the one series first came out and it was a manual and then we got another two we got another two series coupe you know you know years after that and they were both manuals and they were so fun they reminded me of my old three series i had growing up and um they i just wish they would put a manual on some of these he's just like i just loved it i just loved it so stay tuned for the full results okay so um moving to your question of the week this is from stephen from auckland new zealand good eye stephen i think they say that that's that's australia australia new zealand too i think australia good night their names on the bobby oh gosh they say prawn they don't say shrimp there and they do put a prawn on the barbie yeah so steven asks when i was learning to drive we were taught to occasionally look around while driving long distances the purpose was to avoid highway hypnosis he says zoning out from the monotony of the drive and losing situational awareness do driver monitoring functions like ford's blue crews or gm supercruise allow for this or has the thinking changed since i first learned so i will start by saying my dad called it scanning you should be constantly scanning ahead your mirrors etc and i don't think any of these what we call direct driver monitoring systems mainly cameras really looking at you would prevent you from doing it because they require a little bit of time before they start saying hey you're not paying attention i think when you're doing and i'm hoping when you're doing that situational awareness and scanning it's so quick and constant that you're not defying the rules of these direct driver monitoring systems i don't know if you guys think that's probably true no i i agree yeah go ahead ryan no sorry i agree with you i i mean i i spent time in um you know our escalade with the um super cruise and i mean you can look to the side you can check your mirrors and you can take a sip of your water bottle quickly and it won't disrupt it um which is good i think that's uh probably a good threshold of uh alertness for the system to have but definitely like to your point just you should be you should be still scanning and doing that stuff um you don't want to just be sitting there like you know in a trance looking down the road because you're afraid of the system watching you the system's designed to kind of understand that you are going to be looking around but however if you are turned like this for a couple of minutes it's going to well more than less than a couple minutes i'll tell you that before then but it's going to alert you then you know i actually find when those systems tell me even the subaru one that's not you know an automated driving situation or anything when those systems tell me i'm not paying attention i'm usually not paying attention or have you know what i mean it seems appropriate but mike i don't know if you find that well i was just gonna say first of all i think it's it's an it's a great question you're right because you know uh these are new these super crews blue crews these things that are watching you and making sure you're paying attention of course we think these systems are the right way to go these direct driver monitoring systems are the way to go instead of just occasionally almost randomly saying you know making you put a hand on the wheel to give it some wheel torque to prove that you're still paying attention these things force that you but it is a great question like could they lull you into complacency you could almost see someone like their eyes are open but maybe they're glazing over and just thinking about whatever right and so yeah and i also think it's funny jen that you mentioned your dad right and so first of all we're gonna get emotional because your dad recently passed away and i don't want to make you cry but uh he was camera he was a great guy and we miss him but my dad said basically the same thing he taught me how to drive and one of the things he told us was i want you checking your mirrors either the rear view mirror the side side mirrors about every 10 seconds and that's something that i still do to this day um because you never know uh what's coming up behind you you want it you don't know if it's um if it's someone you know driving gaining on you really quickly maybe driving erratically uh maybe a big truck is coming up and you need to be aware of that or most important of all an emergency vehicle of some kind as may become so you should always i i say to people well what else do you have to do you're driving you shouldn't paint exactly your number one object when you're driving is to be paying attention so yeah check your mirrors that you know every 10 15 seconds you know it's it's great to look around at the scenery and these these systems do allow enough time for you to look around at the scenery see what's going on check your mirrors on occasion adjust the radio station um adjust the climate control they do allow enough time for that so i i don't think that's going to be an issue right uh is my is my guess and still a good tool so here's a question for you you're on a long trip you know you've you've you're still scanning to to your dad and my dad's point what what's your best tool to avoid uh highway hypnosis as steven says what do you do what else do you do open a window or coffee yeah i'm asking ryan first oh you're asking me um so uh i have a if i'm going on a long long trip i have a bad habit of um purchasing a one of the small eight ounce red bull cans and sipping on that yeah it's got enough energy in it to probably it's okay kill a horse but um just yeah and i can just kind of you know music i like to i like to listen to music if there's a passenger it looks always nice to talk um you know you sailer like you said scanning the mirrors make sure monticello monticello's not coming up on me at 120 miles an hour yeah that's why you're behind you know yeah but monty yeah uh kind of the same thing i actually same thing 8.4 ounce can a red bull if i'm feeling a little sleepy uh i do uh you know i love to get uh a can of uh sugar-free red bull uh and a bag of peanut m ms and i mean don't take this the wrong way i think i've said this on the show before but that's actually something that i think blue crews uh and and super crews do work well for is that because they can handle the steering for you and they're actually designed to be um be hands off is that i can turn those systems on or even the other systems as well turn the the steering assist on while i'm like opening my bag of m ms and then i put them and then i put my hands back on honestly i do that sometimes it does very much help with that so i do the same thing where i'm checking the mirrors pretty constantly just kind of be aware of what's going on around me um i always move back over to the right lane as soon as i pass a car uh no hanging out in the left lane wait there's always you do what you you heard me buddy you heard me all right that is my biggest pet peeve oh my goodness like not moving back over when they when they sit in the left lane sorry and then so uh you know i graze i graze on you know snacks to kind of keep me alert and then honestly music uh not up too loud but i love listening to music while i'm driving and you know keeps it kinda i know jen he's probably dancing in the car i'm more singing and there's a lot of dancing much to my poor children and any occupant of my car i sing loud and i know all the words and as my husband says honey you know all the lyrics but you can't sing and i just so sorry for them no comments sorry for them so stephen great question great question everybody keep scanning um that will do it for this episode um keep your questions video clips coming talking cars at icloud.com love them and we will thank you for watching thank you for listening we'll see you next time [Music]

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