8 Online Selling Ideas Without Capital That Sold Every Day

Building an online business certainly requires capital, but what happens if someone wants to sell online without capital? Can it? The simple answer is YES.

In this technological era, we can build an online business without having to have capital, the important thing is to know how to take advantage of technology and see the opportunities that exist.

Technology makes it easier for us to find trends that are happening in the field of food, sports, clothing, or even hobbies to be used as a way to find Online Selling Ideas that sell well every day. The question is, do you already know how to find Selling Ideas online?

How to Find Online Selling Ideas

As smartphone users, we only need to be connected to the internet and use Google & Social Media to look for product opportunities that many people will buy. Here are the steps:

First, Type a Keyword on Google and Check Related Searches

For example, you want to sell shoes but don’t know what types of shoes are trending so that sales are easy and buyers come straight away without ads.

The trick, you just type the word “Latest Shoes” then click Search. it will immediately see the search results and immediately search for “Related Search” or “Related Search” then various keywords will appear as in the example in the image below:

In the search list there are several product words that are repeated such as the words “Sports Shoes” and “Running Shoes” which means these products are still being searched continuously by the market even though they have changed. trends.

So, in the same way, please look for other keywords in the food, clothing, or other product categories to find easy product selling ideas.

But at this stage you have to search for at least 10 selling product ideas and the next step we will do is Validation related to these ideas, is it true that the product is still potential if we sell it?

Second, Validate Ideas on Instagram/TikTok Social Media

List of 10 online selling ideas that we already have, we must validate first to ensure that the idea is still feasible and potential. What we have to check is whether this product is still trending and is still being sought and talked about by people in the digital world. The method is quite simple, namely:

a. Through Instagram

  1. Please enter the Instagram application
  2. Then look for product ideas based on the product name in the search column
  3. And check the latest posts from the product
  4. If in the last 3 months there are still many people talking about the product, then the product has the potential to be sold

b. Through Tiktok

  1. Please enter the Tiktok application
  2. Then look for product ideas based on the product name in the search column
  3. And check the latest posts from the product
  4. If in the last 3 months there are still many people talking about the product then the product has the potential to be sold

In the case of online selling ideas without capital Sports Shoes it can be seen that in the last 3 months both Instagram and Tiktok have had a fairly high number of viewers and interactions so it can be assumed that the idea of ​​​​sports shoes has the potential to be used as an idea for selling products online.

Do the same steps for all product ideas so that it is more filtered which product to take in order to find potential products.

After knowing the product, now is the time to sell online without capital with cellphone and internet capital.

Here are 8 online selling ideas without capital that sell every day:

1. Affiliate

Affiliate itself is one of the marketing methods that companies provide to marketers to market their products. When you participate in the affiliate program, you will earn 10–20% commission for every product sold or every product that clicks on the link you share. 

With this simple concept, you can sell online without capital, just simply create content on Instagram or TikTok, then take content from the shop/seller and then get a commission.

Even better, now you can join this affiliate program on many popular e-commerce sites. Example of an Affiliate instagram account.

2. Dropshipper from Trending Products

Dropship is a way to sell products that do not require capital, in other words we can sell online without capital. Dropshipping is an alternative to selling goods without buying the goods first, we can sell them directly by setting up another shop under the name of our own brand or our own store.

So all you have to do is find a supplier who then you take photos and product descriptions of, then take the margin / profit when you install products in your online store. 

The advantages of this method are: No need for large initial capital, no need to be afraid of loss, can test various products, can more freely try various categories of products sold in your online store, can build your own store brand.

3. Selling Articles for Blog Needs

Currently, many businesses are competing to create websites and even data from techno website users is increasing by an average of 60% every year.

And to increase the number of website visitors, an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy is needed, which in this strategy requires articles related to certain keywords. With the increasing number of online businesses using websites, it means that more articles are needed to increase visitors to their websites.

The trick: you research keywords using Google, then write articles based on those keywords and save them in Google Drive, you can sell the article.

4. Selling Canva Design Templates for Instagram

The number of Instagram social media users has reached more than 90 million users and the average entrepreneur also uses Instagram as a channel for selling.

Not a few local brands that began to grow during the pandemic to compete to win the market on social media created by Facebook. There are several ways to make Instagram an online business crowded with visitors, namely diligently creating content and creating social media ads/influencers.

Because more and more businesses are selling online, the need for this content will be higher and it will be an opportunity for those of you who want to sell online without capital to create design templates with Canva, for example 12–24 designs and then sold in 1 purchase package, for example packages for Culinary Business, Packages for BarberShop, Package For Fashion, and Package Design for other business categories. 

5. Sales of Wedding Invitation Design Templates The

statistical center agency notes that there are about 1.7 million people getting married in 2021 and on average there will be 1 – 2 million weddings per year, which means that there will be a lot of requests related to wedding accessories, one of which is Wedding Invitations that can be accepted. used as an Online Selling Idea without capital. 

And you can offer a print invitation package by asking for a down payment first so that less capital is needed while at the same time getting more money from the margin for printing invitations in collaboration with affordable printers.

6. Selling Take Away Food Box Design Templates

One of the industrial sectors that continues to grow when other sectors decline is the food and beverage industry sector during a pandemic. This shows that the food and beverage market is a pretty sexy category if you can manage it properly.

And remember selling online without capital must be creative. Look for a cheap packaging printer without decent quality and then take a little profit so that the price remains competitive.

7. Sales of “Quotes” Design Templates

Still related to number 6, where the food & beverage industry is growing during the pandemic, it turns out that there are also many restaurants & cafes with new concepts that are present as new players in this sector. Coffee Shop is the type of cafe that most often appears in 2019-2022.

In total, there are more than 2900 coffee shops recorded according to research from UNDIP and of course there are still many shops that have not been recorded.

The idea of ​​selling online without capital for this phenomenon is selling design quotes or words that will usually be displayed on the walls of the coffee shop so that the feel of the shop is more aesthetic.

This opportunity is very potential because of course every few months there is a new concept and new brand that requires a poster to support their shop. As long as we can use it, we can sell design ideas. Don’t forget to also print and frame if possible.

8. Selling the List of Chatting Questions with Pairs

This 8th idea has actually been around for some time but is in the form of a printed question card. This phenomenon is present because many people are currently unable to start a conversation or even because they are busy working, some couples have communication problems, sometimes they connect, sometimes they don’t connect or even dry. 

So this problem can be turned into a potential business, namely a list of questions to provoke conversations between lovers, husband and wife, office friends, or even for Games Company Outbound.

This idea of ​​​​selling Online Without Capital is armed with creativity or even enough to ask many people … what are the things that are usually asked by couples and then summarized into questions. So that without capital you can sell in the form of a softfile that is given a password in the form of a PDF E-Book.

Hopefully it can help you as a reference for online selling ideas without capital that sells every day. Of course, there are still many other ideas that have not been explored which might also have the potential to always remember the first step above, yes.

Take advantage of Google & Tiktok, not us who are used by Google. As long as there is a will and there is an intention, you will definitely find your own way in selling online.

If you want to sell online without capital, then… you have

  1. to be sensitive to a problem,
  2. to be creative. Find a way to provide a solution
  3. You have to be creative, so you don’t need capital. 
  4. have to


know how to sell. It’s time for you to learn the right Way of Selling Online so that the idea is not wasted and can maximize the opportunities that exist.

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