Getting to know Collaborative Ads, a New Way to Collaborate with the Marketplace

Getting to know Collaborative Ads, a New Way to Collaborate with the Marketplace

In 2019, the market capitalization even reached 294 trillion rupiah. Actually, why is the marketplace so popular with the public?

In this day and age, it seems that almost everyone is familiar with online shopping, marketplaces, and e-commerce. Of course this is no joke. The growth of e-commerce users can also be a double-edged sword, on the one hand threatening retail sellers who have been in business for years, but it can also be used as an opportunity to form new markets.

Marketplace, a New Shopping Trend in the 21st Century

In the era before e-commerce and marketplaces like today, people had to go out and visit stores one by one to get the items they needed. Even if the internet existed even in the 2007-2008s, people still had to search for information manually from website to website.

Since the concept of e-commerce and marketplace emerged, people can shop directly from their cellphones. They can also directly compare all the items they want to buy on one platform, without the need to switch applications. This main advantage is the key to the popularity of e-commerce and marketplaces in the 21st century.

It is even said that the retail industry will become extinct in the future, considering that people prefer to use e-commerce than having to go out and look for groceries. Especially for goods that are entertainment such as electronics.

5 Advantages of Marketplace

Marketplace has 5 main advantages that conventional shopping systems do not have. Here are some of them:

Shopping From Home

Who doesn’t like being able to buy something only from home? Starting from looking for information on goods, comparing prices, finding the location of the nearest store, to making payments, everything can be done from home.

And because there are no regional restrictions, buyers can buy anything, even goods from abroad. Some marketplaces even offer purchases from abroad with the same experience as shopping domestically!

Many Promos and Universals

Then next is the number of promos given by various existing marketplace platforms. This promo is also not only valid at certain stores, unlike what happens when you do regular shopping where the promo is only valid in certain places.

Besides that, the way to get the promo is also easy, you don’t need to bother asking the waiter (who also doesn’t necessarily want to bother telling the customer). And of course this is one of the points that is strong enough to displace the conventional retail industry.

Very Interesting User Experience

There are many unique and interesting experiences when you shop on the marketplace platform, such as the ease of getting information on similar items to being able to participate in live shopping events held by brands.

All these experiences can certainly increase consumer convenience in shopping. Consumers also don’t have to worry about being chased by the sales team when they are choosing goods.

In addition to the experience of choosing goods, consumers can also get unique programs such as the flash sale where on those days the number of transactions soars. Of course all of this cannot (or rarely) you can find if you shop conventionally in shopping centers.

Ease of Payment

Have you ever received an answer that your ATM card can’t be used at one of your favorite shopping places, even though you don’t want to carry cash? This incident is indeed annoying, but will not happen in the marketplace.

Why? Because marketplaces often already have their own digital currency, which can be filled through any bank. People who shop on the marketplace usually will not run into payment problems. Because the payment methods used now are very broad and diverse.

Many Options and Options

If you shop at a shopping center, call it mall A, then you can only find options from tenants in mall A. You can’t get the option from mall B, because it’s not in mall A!

But that won’t happen if you use e-commerce or marketplaces when shopping. You simply set the location where you live, and all the options and options will immediately appear and can be seen easily. You can also get price and stock information right away, without the hassle of asking.

Getting to know Collaborative Ads

Everyone already knows that digital ads can help business growth, as long as you already have a website. The question is, what if the product is only available in the marketplace?

A website is one of the main requirements if you want to use digital ads, such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Because generally advertising platforms need a website as the ultimate goal of advertising, especially those that use conversion as their main goal.

The problem is that not all businesses absolutely need a website, especially if your business belongs to the shopping and retail category. Building a website that supports transactions, stock updates, and real certainly requires no small investment.

So most retail businesses prefer to market their products through third-party marketplaces, such as Lazada, Shopee, Tokopedia, or the like. Because the system in the marketplace has been well developed, and business owners only need to install their products and can sell directly.

It’s just that because of ‘hitting’, the existing system and data are not 100% ours. There are various limitations that we will encounter if we only rely on the marketplace, compared to a personal website. And one of them is the limitation in advertising.

But of course technological developments can once again answer this. With the collaboration feature between social media and the marketplace, they present the collaborative ads feature!

What are Collaborative Ads?

Departing from the premise of the problem described above, several advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads have released types of advertising that can be used for businesses that use marketplaces.

This type of ad format is called Collaborative Ads or collaborative ads. Both you, the marketplace, and the advertising platform can share systems and data with each other so you can still use the advertising and marketplace ecosystems at the same time as if you had a website!

The way it works is quite simple. You simply submit a proposal to the marketplace you are using (contact the customer service of each marketplace for more information). Later the marketplace will provide access to some of their data, which is still part of your store to be used as an advertising optimization tool.

What are the Advantages of Collaborative Ads?

Of course collaborative ads work more or less like regular ads. The difference here is that you use a marketplace, and not a personal website. And the advantages are also not inferior to other types of advertising, such as:

More Measurable Results

With the collaborative format, you can use marketplace tracking data as usual. Compared to you using other formats, you can only get data limited to the total clicks from the ad. You will not know how many users add to cart or purchase.

But in collaborative you can get all the data, such as the total purchase and the nominal at once. This allows you to measure what the ratio of ad spend to results is. 

No Need to Set Tracking From Zero

Tracking has been arranged by the IT team from each marketplace, and of course you already know the IT capabilities of the marketplace platforms in the world, right?

And this allows you to save on web developer, digital marketing, and debugger costs all at once. Because everything has been handled by the marketplace team, and you don’t have to worry about that problem at all!

In fact, the tracking system is arguably much more modern than the current websites, such as updating data dynamically.

More Targeted Ads

Using collaborative ads, you can target buyer data or the data of the people who interact with your products. Where this is not possible without the collaborative.

Generally, the ad targeting strategy you can do in a marketplace that doesn’t support collaborative, is just targeting based on interest. Or crashing engagement data from your social media accounts. Where both do not represent a deeper marketing funnel.

Optimization Based on Desired Results

Do you want to get additional visitors? Or add to cart? Or maybe direct sales? Everything can be done because you can fully access tracking thanks to collaborative.

Ready to Increase Sales Results with Collaborative Ads?

So, who says marketplaces can’t advertise effectively on digital ads? Set up your account and start your strategy to increase sales through collaborative ads now! Also make sure you understand all the requirements before you apply for access to collaborative ads.

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