Marketplace SEO: How to Increase Your Online Store Traffic

Did you know that SEO principles can also be used to get traffic on the marketplace? Find out more about the main principles and ways to optimize them!

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the strategies in Digital Marketing that is used to get first rank in search engine search.

By being number one in the search page results, the opportunity for the website to be visited will also be much greater, and of course it can generate even more sales.

But it turns out, the principles of SEO are not limited only to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing?

In the marketplace, a similar principle can also be applied because buyers will search first before making a decision to transact.

The Main Principles of Marketplace SEO

In any channel that relies on search engines, SEO principles will always be related to keywords.

That’s why it’s important for you to find out if the targeted keywords are really what most people are looking for and are relevant to the product you’re marketing.

In general, there are 3 types of keywords in SEO, namely:

a. Informational keywords

are keywords that when typed into a search engine will bring up articles that contain information.

If we type “Tourism destinations 2021,” for instance, we’ll see some suggested reading material on a few different locations where tourists might enjoy themselves in the coming year.

b. Navigational keywords

are keywords that are typed to lead directly to a particular website.

For example, if we type “flight tickets”, what is displayed can be in the form of prices or other information on the website.

c. Transactional keywords

are keywords typed by search engine users with the possibility to transact or who have similar intentions.

The words that are usually used in these keywords are, “Sell, price, cost,” and others.

By knowing these three types of keywords, you will be able to predict what potential buyers will type in the search field.

In addition, the placement of targeted keywords is also very important. Because, Google will understand and distinguish between keywords that are placed in the title and those in the body of the article/description.

Then, how to optimize keywords on the marketplace?

SEO Marketplace Optimization

After knowing the main principles in SEO Marketplace, the next thing you have to do is start optimizing them for your products.

The good news is that SEO Marketplace optimization is not as complicated as SEO optimization on web pages/articles in general.

There are several steps you can take, namely:

1. Do Keyword Research

Doing keyword research on the marketplace is a little different from research for creating articles on the website.

Suppose the product you sell in the marketplace is a motorcycle helmet, consider whether people tend to type in the words “helmet”, “helmet”, or “head protection”?

One of the tools that might be able to help you see an overview of keywords is Google Trends.

2. Focus on Product Titles

Because keyword placement is so important, SEO Marketplace optimization must focus on Product Titles, such as item names, functions, or brand names.

However, the thing to note is that you don’t just put keywords that have been reset into the title column. Also pay attention to whether the keywords are interesting so that potential buyers will be interested in clicking.

Some major marketplace platforms also automatically adopt item titles into Page Titles and URLs, so it’s likely to affect SEO.

But that doesn’t mean you only need to put keywords in the title. You also need to place these keywords in their derivatives such as in product descriptions or in images.

3. Complete Item Description with Appropriate Categorization

Item description also plays an important role in SEO Marketplace. Because in addition to the title and image, potential buyers will also read the description column after typing keywords and clicking on your product.

Please note that it is not possible for you to put all keywords into the title column. Therefore, placement in the description is also necessary.

Google and several search systems in the marketplace platform have supported an algorithm, namely Close Variant and also synonyms, so that the placement of derived keywords that emphasize the title will help the product appear on the first page of search results.

Provide as complete a description as possible, such as product advantages, features, up to the model number of the product. Also add relevant images that support the advantages of the product you are selling.

algorithm Breadcrumb that can determine the suitability of the product with the category.

4. Complete with Relevant Images

How can search engines know if the images used are relevant?

Marketplace platforms and Google collect data from similar products to find out whether the image you use is compatible with the product or not.

In addition, marketplace platforms usually make the title of the item as an alternate text of your image. That is, the system from the search engine can read and find out the image based on what is written in the alternate text.

Therefore, product images that do not match the alternate text may be disallowed and not displayed in search results, both in internal marketplace searches and on Google itself.

This is also the reason why you will never get an image of the search results “Laptop Gaming”, when you are searching for the keyword “Mobile.”

It also applies if you have your own sales site

Of course, the principles of SEO marketplace also apply to your own e-commerce site, not only to third-party e-commerce platforms. If you build your own online store system, then this method can also be applied to be able to compete with competitors.

It’s just that there will be more technical factors that need to be considered in the future, considering that you are in full control of the e-commerce site.

Conclusion In

conclusion, SEO principles can be used anywhere as long as they use search engine algorithms.

The principle of Marketplace SEO can be done with several optimizations such as optimizing keywords used in titles, product descriptions, and also alternative text in images.

The point is to return to the targeted keywords whether they have been tested first or not. After that, consider whether these keywords will be typed by potential buyers in the marketplace search field.

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