Powerful Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic: Search Feature

Today’s search engines already have qualified expertise to understand search intent beyond the written keywords (search intent). Whether the searcher wants to know, buys something or wants to go somewhere is predictable by search engines.

This information encourages search engines, especially Google, to overhaul the appearance of their search results so that they are more suitable for the search / search goals of their users. For example, if a keyword is used to find a location, the search results will display a map in a section that can be directly seen by searchers.

Likewise, if Google estimates that someone wants to know about product X then information about product X will be highlighted, not just a blue link and a little information like in the search results in the past. Search results can also contain a collection of images, videos to flight schedules if it is deemed relevant to the user’s search objectives.

Search results are not just a list of links but can be in the form of tweets, the latest news, company profiles, social media profiles and for certain keywords in the form of a collection of images, videos and others. These other result formats are called search features.

Search features are now very common. In fact, according to SEMrush only 2.68% of Google search results in the US do not have a search feature.

If your page is displayed using one of the search features it can increase the number of visits to your page drastically (though it will still depend on search volume). Check out the tips below to increase the chances of your page being displayed using the search feature.

Feature Advertising

Feature advertising is the first search that was born. The advertising feature itself has several types of views.

Advertising features like this can appear at the top and bottom of search results. The image above shows the ad features displayed at the top of the search results. Pay attention to the Ad for the search feature in the form of an ad.

To get this ad feature is very easy, but not free. You simply advertise using Google Ads and select the available advertising features. Google Ads is arguably a shortcut if you want to rank at the top of search results. But even so it can also cost a lot more depending on how many people are fighting over the available ad slots.

In addition to cost, the position of ad slots is also influenced by the following:

  • Relevance
  • of benefits for visitors
  • Price willing to pay (auction)
  • Several other factors

Featured Snippets / Featured Snippets

Featured snippets have a different appearance from search results in general. It is because of these advantages that featured snippets can significantly increase the number of visitors to your page. Featured snippets are usually displayed for informational keywords and the information is absolute or there is only 1 correct answer.

In the past featured snippets were usually shown at the very top of search results (below ads) but recently featured snippets are also found in second position.

To increase the chances of some of your page content being displayed using the featured snippet you can discuss as many questions and information as your visitors are often asked and looking for. You can find frequently asked questions by netizens in the People Also Ask section.

Knowledge Panel

This feature will display the information sought in the form of statistics or text. Information in the form of statistics/numbers is usually displayed in the form of a graph and placed above the search results.

While the knowledge panel in the form of text is usually displayed on the right.

Knowledge panels are difficult to obtain. Google usually only displays knowledge panels for entities that are popular or widely known.

Location Features Location

features are displayed when people search for a physical location. 

If a visitor clicks on one of the locations on the list, a more complete description of that location will be displayed. In addition, more locations will be displayed to choose from.

If your business has a physical location then you must claim your business location on Google Maps using Google My Business. According to statistics , most smartphone users contact a business location directly from search results (eg by clicking on a phone number in search results or Google Maps).

By claiming a location on Google My Business you can write a more complete profile of your business. You can also add products and services, opening hours and post photos related to your business there.

Local Features

If you are looking for information about a location that you have specified then it is likely that you will find local features displayed to the right of your search results. The difference with the location feature above is that the location feature provides available location options. While the local feature only displays 1 location that matches what you are looking for.

Similar to the location feature, your business can be displayed with local features by claiming your location on Google My Business and completing information about your business location.

Review / Review

The search feature in the form of reviews will be displayed if there are visitors who are looking for a product or service.

If you want your product or service to be displayed using the review feature, your website visitors must be able to evaluate your product or service and your page must use schema review markup. Pages displayed using this search feature are more likely to experience an increase in visitor numbers.


Until now there are 2 kinds of travel search features that are displayed by Google. The first is in the form of air travel or flights.

Both organic search results and ads can be displayed on this search tool (especially flights).


This search feature is similar to the location feature, the only difference being that what is shown here is only hotels or places to stay according to the keywords entered.

Note that visitors can choose room availability according to the date and how many people will be staying. Visitors can do further browsing by clicking on one of the settings displayed and will be taken to the view.

In this view there are more criteria that visitors can use to sort or filter hotels.

Owners of hotels or accommodations may also advertise for their hotels to be displayed here. The advertised hotel will have the Ad and be placed above the organic search results.

If you want your hotel to appear on organic searches using this feature then you must claim your hotel using Google My Business and complete all the required details and add photos.

Enhanced Site Link

This search feature will display other pages on a website.

The pages displayed are pages that Google feels will be useful for the target market of a website. In addition, the website must also be easy for Google to search in the sense that the navigation is clear and the structure is not too deep.

People Also Ask / People also Ask

In this section will be displayed questions related to the search results displayed. But not only questions, answers to these questions are also displayed. The answers are taken from pages selected by Google.

Through this search feature, Google tries so that people no longer have to bother typing the next question because if they click on one of the questions there, the possibility of further questions will appear so that visitors can get complete information in 1 search page.

Image Pack / Image Pack

The image pack search feature appears when Google considers search results for a keyword to be better presented in the form of images.

This collection of images can be placed at the top of the search results or in the middle of the search results. The images shown are from Google Image Search. All you need to do so that the images on your page appear when someone searches with your targeted keywords is to optimize your image by giving it a file name, alt tag and appropriate title.


The video search feature will be displayed if Google feels that the search results for a keyword will be better displayed in the form of video.

To increase the chances of your video being shown using this feature then you need to upload your video to YouTube and optimize it. In addition, if you put your video on a website then you need to use a video schema.


The event search feature is displayed when a visitor is searching for an event at a location at a time.

How can you get your event displayed using this search feature?

You can simply use the Event schema.


Apparently there are so many people who use Google to search for recipes that Google makes its own search feature for recipes.

The recipe search feature is fairly easy to obtain. You can simply use schema markup for recipes.

Job Vacancy

The job search feature appears when people type in a keyword related to a job search. 

To display your job vacancies using the search feature you must use the Job Posting schema. In addition, you can also submit your vacancies to job vacancies directory sites such as or LinkedIn.

Top Stories / Main News

This search feature is displayed for search results that update quickly. Most of the results are taken from news and infotainment sites.

Note that the page shown in the Headlines search tool was written only hours earlier. To increase the chances of your page being displayed using this feature you should make sure your website stays up to date with the latest news.


This search feature is a collaboration between Google and Twitter. Sometimes Google displays tweets from a Twitter profile.

In order for your tweets to be displayed using this search feature of course you must have a Twitter account. In addition, the following things also affect how big your tweet will be displayed or not:

  • Number of followers
  • Whether your followers are actively responding
  • Your activeness on Twitter

But keep in mind that the search feature is not the only way to get people to visit your website. There are still many other aspects of your website that can be optimized.

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