Single Landing Page Concepts Increase Conversions And 5 SEO Friendly Traits

Today, many companies use single landing pages, or single-page websites as their main source of conversions. Why is this strategy recommended?

If you often interact with businesses that effectively promote on the internet, you must have met a site that only consists of 1 page. You certainly ask why a company wants to make a website that consists of only 1 page, shouldn’t a website contain all the necessary information?

Single Landing Page Concept

Landing page is one of the main factors in conversion rate optimization (CRO). That is, the landing page is made to increase the conversion rate so that the costs incurred in promoting can be more efficient.

One of the laws is that landing pages must not have elements that have the potential to cause distraction. For example, a landing page should not have an outbound link element that makes a potential customer leave the process they should have gone through. Because by sending customers out of there, customers can be distorted and not convert.

Departing from that law, landing pages are now mostly made with only 1 page with no way to leave the page (except by closing the browser, of course).

Important Aspects of Landing Pages

Getting interested in strategies with landing pages? Wait a minute! Before you decide to start creating landing pages in marketing strategy , you need to understand what are the important aspects of the landing page. Here are some important aspects that you need to pay attention to when creating a landing page.

Product Explanation Flow

Indeed, sometimes the product is sufficiently explained in the ads copy. But of course you don’t explain the whole product, right? The landing page must reinforce what you write in the ad copy or the content you use.

Avoid using ambiguous and unclear information, especially if it contradicts. Give only important points, so that your landing page is not boring.

Completeness of Information

Provide company information (at least business identity), testimonials, or ongoing promotions. Insufficient information can cause confusion and doubt in the minds of potential customers, and of course this can lower your conversion rate.

Ease of Contact

Do not let landing page visitors have to go round and round when they want to contact you. Provide several contact or purchase buttons in strategic positions such as after explanations of product advantages and testimonials.

So that potential customers can immediately make a purchase, as soon as they feel confident with the product or service you are marketing.

Activity Tracking

Finally, don’t forget to embed the appropriate tracking code. This tracking code can help you to collect visitor data (not personal data of course) that you can use for analysis and evaluation.

Use analytics applications such as Google Analytics to make it easier to track and analyze landing page performance.

Why is the Single Landing Page Strategy Popular?

From individual entrepreneurs to multinational businesses, all of them have used this single landing page strategy. Even infrlive itself has used the landing page several times as a place to direct potential customers.

What’s the reason?

Easy to Track Results

With the tracking code and because there are no other pages that can confuse the analysis process, making single landing page data much easier to analyze than data on more complex websites.

You only need to check 1 page and how much is the exit rate, without the hassle of checking where customers have gone after entering.

One Page Website is Cheaper

Creating a one page website is certainly much easier than making a website with many pages. Generally you only need to spend around 2-3 million to get a landing page that is immediately ready to use, and can be tracked completely.

The price of course depends on the weight of the content, as well as the type of tracking needed.

Can Be Used as a Source of Audience

One of the advantages of digital marketing is its ability to do retargeting. When you have a landing page, you can use it as an easier source of audience.

If you use a website with many pages, of course the focus of the audience will be divided with different intentions as well. This makes it difficult for you to read what the visitors want when they are on the page.

Especially if you plan to do funneling, for example to test the market first and then lead them to become customers.

Have You Used Your Landing Page?

How about your business? Have you used this strategy to maximize results and conversions from your digital marketing? Make sure you know in advance what your landing page is for. Always remember, not to play immediately following the existing strategy without understanding whether or not it is suitable for the business being run.

5 Characteristics of SEO Friendly Articles, What are the Influencing Factors?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most popular digital marketing channels today, and articles are the key to its execution. How do you determine if an article has entered SEO rules or not?

Using organic strategies cannot be arbitrary. Considering that only quality is the parameter considered by the platform in displaying content, then you really have to think about how the quality of the content can be accepted by robots and humans.

SEO, which is an example of an organic strategy, of course has the same concept. You have to make sure that your content (in this case the article) is in accordance with what the search engine wants, as well as the searcher himself. Or the term, SEO Friendly.

What is SEO Friendly?

SEO friendly articles are articles that are easily found and displayed by search engines on search results pages (SERPs). There are several factors that make an article can be categorized as SEO Friendly, and here are some of them:

Having an Appropriate Heading

Structure The heading structure is actually the same as sub-chapters in a book or essay. Articles can be broken down into their constituent parts using the headings as dividers.

The engine will be able to better understand the content of the body paragraphs and the main sentence with proper heading structure. The search engine then uses this information to decide if the segment should also be included in the highlighted snippet.

Similarly, regular readers benefit from heading structure because it clarifies the article’s structure for them. Headings aren’t just for aesthetics; they can also help readers “jump” to the specific part of the text they’re interested in reading.

Equipped with Internal Links

The purpose of an internal link is to connect two articles that are helpful to each other. Internal links help articles complement one another and are indexed by search engines.

Likewise, human readers have a need for additional reading of the articles they open. Additionally, the action of the visitor clicking the link triggers the search engines to begin indexing the page.

Having the Right

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), the most important factor is keywords. Your article won’t show up in the search results without the proper keywords.

Get a complete understanding of SEO by enrolling in one of our digital marketing courses.

Finding the right keywords requires some quick digging, such as discovering the most searched-for sentences and the average monthly volume of searches.

use the Keyword Research Tool (Keyword Planner)

Then, it’s important to strategically place these keywords throughout the page, including the title, description, and URL. In this way, Google will be able to determine the nature of your post and serve it to users conducting relevant searches.

Easy to Read Robots and Humans

Your articles, in addition to adhering to technical rules, must also be easy to read by both robots and humans. Easy-to-understand vocabulary, an organized paragraph structure, and minimal grammatical repetition are all examples.

People often get lost because they try to use multiple search terms on just one page. We strongly advise against doing this, as stuffing your article full of keywords does not automatically make it better. What is it like to read an article where every other word has the exact same meaning? It has to be a little awkward.

As a result, you should not write your article in that fashion.

Not Too Long and Not Too Short

Long articles are of course good, because the more complete the article, the higher the relevance and quality in the eyes of search engines and visitors. However, articles that should be short, should not be extended with unnecessary sentences.

Vice versa, articles that should be written long should not be shortened because they can disappoint your visitors which can then have an impact on the position of your article in search engines.

Search Engine Algorithms Will Always Change

Algorithms and how search engines judge the quality of content will always change with the times. The 5 SEO friendly factors that we mentioned in this article, of course, are not all the factors in the SEO guide. However, if you implement all five of them, then the chances of your ranking going up will certainly increase.

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