7 Effective Ways to Offer Products to Increase Sales

Sales is a major part of business development. However, even in sales you must have a technique so that the number of sales can be achieved.

One technique that you can use is to know how to offer a good product so that your product can be accepted by potential consumers.

For those of you who are still confused about how to offer a good product, please refer to the following discussion, yes!

Understanding Digital Communication Elements before Offering Products

Communication is a process of delivering information (messages, ideas, ideas) from one party to another or the process of transferring messages from communicators to communicants. 

Communication becomes the most important activity when you offer products to consumers. Therefore, communication depends on our ability to convey messages.

The communication process is how a communicator conveys to the communicant so that it can create a similar meaning between the communicator and the communicant. 

In the communication process, there are obstacles / disturbances that occur in the process of delivering or receiving messages caused by environmental factors as well as physical and psychological factors of the individual himself.

Therefore, good communication when offering products between you and potential customers will occur if there is a two-way flow of information between the communicator and the communicant.

And the information is equally responded to in accordance with the expectations of the two communicators (communicators and communicants).

Next, let’s learn together about the 7 stages of offering business products below.

1. Get to know the brand as well as possible

At the initial stage of offering a product, you will pass the Brand Awareness stage. Brand Awareness is the ability of consumers to remember the Brand that you offer.

Your brand will be known by many people. Then the consumer will make an absolute decision whether to make a purchase or not. 

After successfully building Brand Awareness, this will facilitate and increase consumer purchasing power for your product.

2. Highlight Product Benefits Compared to Product Features

Most people buy a product based on the benefits of a product, not with the features obtained. If you’re just highlighting the features that consumers will get, that’s normal. 

For example, offering a memory storage product for songs. The memory feature “Has 5GB Storage Space“, then the benefit “Can Store 1000 Songs in 1 Memory”. In your opinion, which one is more desired by potential customers?

Instead of writing too many words to explain the features of the product, it is better to highlight the benefits that consumers will get.

3. Superior Products Without Degrading Competitors

Every Brand has the advantages of each product they have. You must really be able to explain when offering a product about the advantages, and what benefits you will get when using the product. 

This will differentiate your brand from competitors when selling the same product. 

And never to demean competitors, because in fact it will backfire for the Brand and will affect the reputation of your product. 

It’s okay, if you want to compare your brand with other brands, but don’t directly mention the name/product in detail. Stay focused on excellence and added value, so that many people will know your brand.

4. Understand Consumer “Pain”

Understand consumer problems before offering products, it will be an opportunity for your business to develop business and increase customer loyalty. Consumers will feel what they need is always met when using your brand. 

5. Give the Best Impression & Service

Making the best service is not easy. However, the best service will give a positive impression for your brand. Try when offering products, you provide truly exclusive services to consumers. 

With this service, you will make consumers loyal to your product. Indirectly, consumers will provide recommendations to others to participate in buying your brand’s products.

6. Do Promotions, Offer Discounts

Implementing promotional or discount strategies is one of the most effective ways when offering products. However, if you do promotions too often, it will give a image of your business. 

Your business will have a “Discounted Business” image, so customers will come more often when they are just saying promos. 

In addition, consumers will doubt the quality of your product. Consumers will wonder. “Actually, what makes Brand A products continuously discount?” 

Therefore, only do discount promotions during certain events. 

7. Perform Periodic Follow-ups Follow-up

activities make it easier for you to offer products, ensuring to consumers whether they already know about the information you convey including products on your Brand. 

When offering products, use polite and straightforward sentences. Sometimes many consumers do not want to small talk. It’s best if you get straight to the point and what they need to know.

Challenges When Offering Products

• Improper Delivery of Products

Deliver the right product. Sometimes when you offer a product, it turns out that consumers don’t need the product. Back again to the stage of offering the product, first identify the problem what consumers need.

• Timing or Timing

Selection of the right time will also affect your business. You have to know when consumers need a product. 

For example, you offer food products such as parcels or basket cakes, then the right timing is during celebrations such as Eid al-Fitr, Chinese New Year, and New Year. 

Because many people need these products to exchange gifts to celebrate the celebration. 

• Need to Understand Skills in Effective Communication

Most people think it’s trivial or easy when he communicates. In fact, proper and effective communication is not just talk.

If it is wrong to convey when offering the product, then what will be received will also be different. And in the end the feedback you get is also not in line with your expectations or miss communication.

There are many channels for offering products digitally, from social media to websites. For those of you who are starting to consider having a website, you can use Free Hosting. With hundreds of templates provided, you just have to choose a theme according to your needs.


There are several stages of offering a product to you. How you deliver or offer a product will certainly affect the sales of your product. 

It is also necessary for you to understand the elements in communication. Because when you offer a product with irregular communication. That will trigger the occurrence of Miss Communication. The feedback you will get is not what you expected.

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