Customer Journey: Understanding, Phases, and 5 Key Processes

A good business always puts the customer first. The customer journey is one of the theories that must be mastered so that businesses can survive against intense competition. 

The customer journey is one way that can be used to align the customer side and the business services that are being run.

By knowing what consumers want, a business no longer needs to find customers. It is customers who will pursue your business because they really need the product or service you offer.

So, what is a customer journey and how is it applied in a business? Check out the following article.

What is a Customer Journey?

customer journey is a summary of the overall customer experience experienced when a customer interacts with a brand, product, or service that a business offers.

This relates to the customer journey map or commonly referred to as the customer journey map. 

In the process of interaction between customers and companies, transactions usually do not occur immediately, especially if they are new to a new product or brand.

Usually, customers will browse or learn about a product or service first. After that go to the next stage related to interest. The final stage is a purchase or transaction.

Now this is the process that marketers need to learn from a company. 

Data or information that is summarized from the customer knowing to the transaction must be summarized and presented with a certain method, for example using a customer journey map. 

Understanding and Examples of Customer Journey Map

To understand customers with the customer journey method, you need to create a customer journey map. The customer journey map is a form of visualization of the customer journey. 

Customer Journey Map (CJM) is a method used to map every step of a customer, from the initial stage of interaction to the occurrence of a transaction. 

Each customer may provide different data, therefore you need to collect enough data so that you get a general picture of customer behavior.

Here is an example of a CJM format compiled from HubSpot.

a. Example of a Customer Journey Early Phase of

Customer Journey Step-1 Step-2
What do consumers feel/think? Want their business to be known on the internet Start looking and considering several options
What are their actions? Looking for information on digital marketing services on Google Go to the website and some of its offers
What are your customer & brand “touchpoints”? No Ad results from Google Ads or Google Search
What needs to be fixed or changed? Increase Brand Awareness on the Internet By optimizing branding, advertising budgets and promotions
How do I implement the changes? Implementing social media marketing strategies Search Engine Marketing Optimization

b. Example of a Customer Journey Advanced Phase of

Customer Journey Step-3 Step-4
What do consumers feel/think? A little hesitant Sure to try
What are they doing? View reviews and ask friends for advice Contact Admin to start a contract
What are your customer & brand “touchpoints”? Social Media WhatsApp
Displaying good testimonials Displaying Optimization of customer service to be more friendly
How do I implement the changes? Create a special section with a testimonial format Educate customer service

5 The Customer Journey Process

In general, there are several stages of the customer journey experienced by prospective customers. So that you know the description of the stages of the customer journey, consider the following steps quoted from TechTarget:

1. Awareness

Awareness is the initial stage where new customers become aware of the presence of a product or brand that you have. Usually this is because you are marketing both offline and online.

Here customers will get to know and find out about the products or services offered. Therefore, the awareness stage is very important in the business development process.

2. Interest / Consideration

If the product or service of your business is needed by customers, they will start to be interested, this stage is called interest. 

They will seek more information about the product. Therefore, testimonials, office addresses, product descriptions, contacts and other supports are very important to display.

3. Decision

After it is deemed suitable, the customer will begin to decide, whether it is buying a product or inviting you to cooperate. 

This for some business owners is already the final stage, but big businesses don’t stop here, there are other stages that need to be done, namely retention and advocacy.

4. Retention

If customers are satisfied then they will usually come back to make the next transaction. Therefore, the brand must provide something more, whether in terms of service, quality, price and so on.

5. Advocacy

If a brand is able to maintain retention, it will appear very loyal customers. 

Customers will be so crazy about your product that they don’t hesitate to promote it to others for free, either by word of mouth or on social media.

Benefits of the Customer Journey for Business

From the article above, maybe you already understand a little about the impact of the customer journey for a business. To understand better, here are the benefits of conducting a customer journey for the business you run:

• Making a Brand that Customers

Love. Brands built with customer journeys will make it easier to understand the customer’s mindset. 

This makes the brand more preferred by customers because customers will perceive the product or service offered according to what they need.

• Increase Repeat Orders

The sharper the customer journey, the better a business will be, especially with regard to customer experience. 

If customers are satisfied, they will not hesitate to repeat orders and recommend your business to others.

• Facilitate Management in Making Decisions

Good leaders are leaders who make decisions based on data. Customer journey data can make it easier for management to make decisions related to optimizing a brand.


Customer journey is very important to know and apply by a business. By understanding the customer, management can optimize more accurately and efficiently so that the business can grow quickly. Hopefully this article about customer journey is useful for you.

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