The Power and Complete Function of Facebook Ads for Your Business

Installing Facebook Ads to advertise your business, why not? Learn how Facebook Ads really can power your business!

Facebook Ads is one of the advertising options for many companies in this era of social media. Even big multinational brands that previously didn’t advertise on TV turned out to choose Facebook Ads as their advertising medium. What really makes Facebook Ads different?

One of the biggest problems with advertising is the compatibility of the ad with its audience. Advertising can be said to be successful if it manages to reach an audience who needs the advertised goods effectively. So that the sales obtained from advertising can cover the advertising capital and return.

And that problem 100% occurs when you advertise in conventional media such as TV, magazines, brochures, or newspapers. Obviously, how do you know if your audience is in need of the advertised product? Even if you advertise financial products in financial magazines, it may not necessarily be right on target because human financial needs certainly vary.

Facebook Ads Answers This Problem with its Targeting Method

You certainly already know that one of the advantages of digital marketing is the presence of targeting and remarketing features (read more about the advantages of digital marketing). And of course this feature is also available on Facebook Ads.

In some cases, you can also use targeting based on cell phone ownership or job title. Of course, this is the most extraordinary feature of an advertising. Where you can increase the match percentage between the ad and the audience, which is also one of the biggest problems in the world of advertising.

Of course, not only is the targeting feature amazing, Facebook Ads can also help you with other functions that are no less important. Such as:

The Presence of Cost Control Features The

The cost of acquisition is one of the other big problems besides targeting problems. Imagine if you advertise at a cost of Rp. 10,000,000 but only get 10 subscribers, meaning that your ad acquisition cost is Rp. 1,000,000 per customer which is certainly quite high unless your budget for acquisition costs is that big.

In Facebook Ads, you can activate the cost control to control the amount of acquisition costs. You just set it in the campaign and the ads will stop or be adjusted if the value of the acquisition cost is close to or exceeds the cost control. Very effective and prudent especially if you have a very limited budget.

Ability To Track Results

In other advertising methods, you may not be able to track whether your ad audience is making transactions from your ad or not. In Facebook Ads, you can do this because of the Facebook Pixel feature (a kind of tracking on the website).

Facebook Pixel will record all audience activity on your ad, then record the results. From here you can find out how effective your campaign is.

In addition, Facebook Ads also provides various reporting features. Starting from ad performance reports, audience lists, to the traffic you get. You can use all of this data to improve your ads in the future.

Abundant Ad Optimization Options

Whatever the goal you are after, be it brand awareness, brand consideration, or conversion based everything is on Facebook Ads. Facebook will optimize your ads based on the objectives you choose, and ensure you get the right metrics reports.

Systemically, Facebook will look for audiences who have behavior that matches the goals you choose.goal conversion based Facebook will adjust the delivery of your ad to the audience that will convert.

In addition to meeting goals, Facebook can also adjust the delivery of ads based on audience habits. So that ads will only be seen by people who have an interest in the field of advertising. With a note you’ve defined the targeting well.

Freedom in Determining Ad Placements

Facebook Ads has several ad placements, namely in feeds, stories, messaging, articles, to group feeds. Of course, different placements, different results will be obtained. Given the habits of users in each content format is also different.

This makes Facebook can be transformed like a magazine, TV, or billboard at once. These diverse placements can also support your digital marketing strategy to achieve the best results.

Complete Remarketing Capabilities The

audience you get in Facebook Ads doesn’t just go away. You can do remarketing to re-engage with the audience from your previous ad.

So you don’t have to search for new audiences again and again. Simply optimize the audience from your previous Facebook Ads ad, then the conversion rate you can get will also be higher.

It also opens up opportunities for you to sequence ads, or create ad series based on audience profiles. This method is usually used by digital marketers to process their previous audience and turn them into meaningful conversions.

Looking for Facebook Ads Training?

Get comprehensive Facebook Ads training information with real case studies to help you understand! Learn more.

Facebook Ads has become a specialty and a profession of its own. The ability to promote on Facebook Ads has also become a benchmark for marketing effectiveness in today’s digital era.

However, so far there are still no schools or faculties that provide a Facebook Ads syllabus in their curriculum. So maybe you have difficulty when you want to learn Facebook Ads.

And for that reason, we provide training services and classes specifically for Facebook Ads. This training can help you uncover the best ways and strategies for implementing Facebook Ads.

What will be learned in this Facebook Ads Training?

There will be many topics that we will cover in the training, but these 5 will be the main topics in the Facebook Ads training. Here’s the topic of the material that you will learn:

Facebook Ads Basics

Of course we will start from the basics, starting from creating an account to install ads to introducing dashboards and goals in Facebook Ads. Without a foundation, you will not be able to start advertising later because Facebook Ads has many features that need to be learned first.

We will start from account creation, then to the procedure for placing ads, setting goals according to advertising profiles, managing Facebook Ads accounts, determining budgets, creating content and conforming to advertising goals, to how to track results.

This class has been structured to suit all prospective students, both just starting out and those with experience.

Strategy in Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads has many options and optimization methods, so it is important for you to know how to use the right strategy and installation for the effectiveness of your ads.

And because Facebook Ads is part of today’s digital marketing strategy, of course you will also get information about content creation and copywriting, which are also included in the Facebook Ads strategy.

The training will also discuss bid strategies, placements, to diagnose the wrong ad execution.

You can also learn Google Ads training to expand the reach of your prospects.

How to Make Good Targeting

The main advantage of a digital marketing strategy is its targeting, so don’t let you not even be able to take advantage of it and your ads will be no different from conventional marketing.

However, the targeting system in Facebook Ads is quite complicated. There are various kinds of targeting that can be used, and if you set the wrong one then your ad could potentially not work at all or 0 reach.

Therefore, in this Facebook Ads class we will provide the best training in setting up targeting and ensuring you can get relevant potential potential customers.

How to Implement Remarketing Facebook Ads

Remarketing or remarketing is also one of the main functions and advantages of digital marketing. Remarketing functions so that the audience, interactions, and prospects that you have previously received don’t just disappear.

If the prospect is already in your hands, then Facebook Ads remarketing may not be a top priority. But what about people who have entered the warm prospect or those who are actually happy with your product or service, but haven’t found timing ?

Don’t have time for training? Use digital agency services and let us take care of the rest

Therefore, you can use Facebook Ads remarketing to reach out to these people again. Even Facebook Ads supports a window period of up to 365 days or a year!

If you provide the right advertising content, then it is not impossible for the prospect to buy your product or service. Remarketing is very efficient, especially for those of you who are in the B2B business or non-FMCG companies (such as real estate or automotive), where your customers need a certain amount of time and data before deciding to buy.

Facebook Pixel Training, For Facebook Ads Optimization

Many features are interesting, but you also have to be sure that your ads can be measured and recorded correctly and in accordance with your goals. Facebook Ads also provides a way to track ad results using the Facebook Pixel.

This code can later be installed on your website and ads, so Facebook can customize your ads with the pixels you install. And most importantly, Facebook can record the results you are targeting from these ads, for example clicking the “Purchase” button or downloading your price list.


Facebook Ads are very powerful for the development of your business. It’s just that, Facebook Ads also requires trial and testing before ads can be effective. Our presence in Facebook Ads training will reduce the possibility of failure and guide you in conducting experiments so that your marketing activities can be more effective.

With Facebook Ads, your digital marketing strategy will certainly be more effective. Remember there are so many social media users these days, and it would be a shame if you missed the opportunity to reach them with your business.

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