The Right Time to Place Digital Ads and 3 Advantages of LinkedIn Ads

The Right Time to Place Digital Ads According to Online Business Consultant Experts Online Business

ConsultantsRecently, promotions using features from digital technology are indeed being carried out by many people with no other purpose and no not is to develop products and reach a wider marketing area.

Besides being more modern, advertising on digital technology platforms is also able to reach a wider and more accurate audience. Why is that? Because when running a digital advertising campaign, we can set our own budget for the digital advertising campaign that we will run. Not only that, we can also set audience targeting based on region, gender, age and also specialization according to the real audience that we get in the insight or analytics report, this is what makes an internet marketing consultant always succeed in developing a business or business for his clients.

However, that does not mean that every business can carry campaigns arbitrarily, because there are many factors that must be carefully considered. Advertising on digital technology platforms and social media is not just relying on a large budget, because no matter how big your budget is, it will be useless if you are careless in doing digital advertising.

The Right Time for Online Promotion According to the Online Business Consultant Method

1 When Ready to Spend More Budget

Don’t think when you first advertise, you only spend a minimal budget. On the contrary, you really have to spend a lot of money on your first ad. Why is that? Digital business consulting experts always do big campaigns when advertising for the first time.

However, if you don’t have a big budget, then you can advertise using a minimal budget. A minimal budget can only cover a narrow area of ​​your digital promotion, so make sure that you have a clear segmentation to target your ads. An internet marketing consultant must use this method when they want to do a campaign , of course, in addition to advertising to reach the right audience, the impressions obtained also provide satisfactory results.

2 When You Know and Understand Your Real Audience

There are still many business actors or businesses who advertise on an important basis that the advertisements of their products can be displayed on digital technology platforms and can be displayed on the social media of their prospective clients. You must know that this method is a very, very wrong way and a waste of time and money, especially if it is not your first digital advertisement. This is what distinguishes how to advertise for people who are still new to digital technology from a digital business consultant who really understands the best method for advertising.

Do not let because you have a budget, you are careless in advertising without paying attention to the results of digital advertising that you have done before. Do what an online business consultant usually does, which is to analyze the results of your previous advertisements and then get accurate results in knowing your real audience as a benchmark for advertising in the next period.

3 When You Are Able to Analyze Your Digital Advertising Audience Wave

When you have set the ad on a digital technology platform and the audience setting is based on your previous ad analysis, it does not mean that your ad will generate maximum feedback as well. This is because the audience in the digital world is always experiencing waves of change, audience interest will always change with the presence of advertising content or posts from your business competitors. So you also have to always monitor the course of your digital ads.

If there is a fluctuation in the interest of the audience, then it will affect the ads you run. Therefore, it is very important for you to always control your digital advertisements that are running on digital technology platforms.

4 When You Have Determined the Best Platform for Serving Your Ads

There are so many choices of platforms for digital advertising, which will not guarantee success when you are serving ads. The best digital ads are not those that run on every digital technology platform, but those that appear in the right places with an audience that has high prospects for clicking on your ad.

Again, this is what distinguishes the advertising method of a digital business consultant from someone who does digital advertising. Everything an online business consultant does when serving digital advertisements is always full of calculations so that the advertisements that are carried out are not only effective but also efficient. Although there are no rules that you must follow the method or method of advertising by internet marketing consultant experts, it is better if you are also able to master the techniques of running good digital marketing.

3 Advantages of LinkedIn Ads, How is it Different from Other Platforms?

When we talk about digital ads, Google and Facebook are always the first places that come to our mind. However, did you know that there is another ad platform that is no less powerful, LinkedIn Ads?

Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, who doesn’t know the three well-known advertising platforms in the digital world?

But when we talk about digital advertising, what comes to your mind? At least only 3 brands that we mentioned earlier right? Did you know that one of the professional social media, LinkedIn, also provides advertising solutions that are no less unique?

LinkedIn Ads, Targeting Solutions For Professionals

LinkedIn has often been known as a social media for professionals. It’s not wrong, because all users are professionals, both in terms of persona, content, and profile structure.

This of course makes LinkedIn have its own ecosystem that you can’t find on other social media like Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok. And in fact, it turns out that many multinational brands have started using LinkedIn as their new marketing channel!

Then, what are the advantages?

LinkedIn Ads is equipped with mandatory features in digital advertising, such as targeting and reports that can be customized according to taste. So you don’t have to worry about having to adjust from the start when you use LinkedIn Ads.

The dashboard arrangement is also not much different from other digital ads dashboards, especially Facebook Ads. There is a campaign hierarchy, asset data, to various goal choices according to the buyer’s journey.

Then, what is different from other ad platforms? Because if everything is exactly the same, is it better to use Facebook or Google, which has more users? Eits, wait a minute! There are 3 main advantages of LinkedIn Ads that you will not find on other advertising platforms!

Professional Targeting Features

First, because all users are professional and their use is intended for the professional world (such as applying for jobs, showing expertise, to talk shows between experts), automatically all the audiences you target are professionals.

It was said earlier that a profile on LinkedIn has a format like a CV. You can get job title, company, and educational background information from all users connected to you. This allows you to use that data for targeting.

This makes ad relevance better, especially if you are targeting professionals and experts as your target market. B2B marketing has also proven to be more effective if done through LinkedIn, because you can directly target the decision makers or the directors of the company you want.

New Ad Format: Conversation Ads

LinkedIn has one ad format that doesn’t exist on any ad platform: Conversation Ads. This feature allows you to provide interactive ads to potential prospects directly in message inbox .

This format can certainly give birth to a new marketing strategy. For example, you can reach new audiences with awareness/traffic ads. Then next you re-target those who visit your website with conversation ads.

Later in the conversation ads, you can write down various information that the recipient needs to know according to the pages they visited before. For example, if you previously advertised digital marketing services, then you can send a selection of services and case studies directly to the inbox of potential prospects.

Of course the ad is not just a message either!

One of the greatest strengths of conversation ads is its ability to interact with ad recipients.

So you don’t have to show all advertising messages in one message at once, but you can divide them into segments with a certain CTA. So that each user can get a personalized experience, according to their needs.

A New Way to Find Candidates: LinkedIn Job Ads

Especially for your company that is looking for high-quality candidates, you can also promote your job vacancies through LinkedIn Ads.

The same concept as sales ads, through LinkedIn Ads you can get job candidates that match your preferences. Just enter the targeting according to the needs and requirements of the vacancy, then the job will only appear to those who match the targeting setting.

This makes hiring time more effective.

Interested in Using LinkedIn Ads?

Indeed LinkedIn Ads is still not 100% mature like Facebook and Google Ads. But so far the advertising concepts and systems offered have been able to answer the needs of their own market, especially those who want to get leads from certain business segments.

Keep in mind that the law of advertising on any platform is the same. So, don’t forget the 3 success factors: Goal, Audience, and Content. Let’s start creating the campaign manager on LinkedIn and start advertising!

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