for some people buying an MPV is seen as a necessary evil as they have to swap in their sporty hot hatch or sleek you pay for something with more seats and a bigger boot forward offered keen drivers a fig leaf with the sporty s max back in 2006 but it's taken another 9 years for a premium manufacturer to launch a posh people carrier and of all the ones to do it who'da thought it'd be BMW to take the plunge with this they're very much not rear-wheel drive 2 Series grand tourer is a stretched 7 seat version of the active tourer hopping inside is a slightly odd experience it certainly looks like a BMW F things of the quality it expects of the brand and even smells like an expensive new car in here but with the short bonnet and huge windscreen you can't help but notice just how much space there is inside here with lots of headroom especially it's certainly light and airy especially if you have the panoramic sunroof fitted like we do here and our only main complaint is this really thick a pillar which can become a bit of a nuisance when you're going towards a roundabout or a junction as it creates a blind spot trim levels at SC Sport luxury in M Sport and importantly or four come with a screen and the iDrive infotainment system we found this as one of the industry's best and we particularly like the fact that use this controller wheel to select things on the screen rather than prodding at a switch screen because it's a lot safer the grand tourer is pricey bought all trim levels come fitted as standard with lots of kit including sat-nav climate control parking sensors and even a power tailgate the Luxury trim makes things feel a little bit different in here with a wooden effect – leather seats and different alloy wheels or the M Sport version which is expected to be popular in the UK gets a racy a look inside now thanks to a body kit large 18-inch wheels and sporty finishes inside being a BMW there are also lots of up available if you did want to create the world's ultimate MPV one like BMWs m3 or I ate the rear of this car is obviously just as important as the front and because of that you get a fantastic amount of legroom which is actually comparable to a 7 Series luxury saloon it's possible because the grand tourer is 12 centimeters longer than the active tourer and there are lots of Handy features back here to buy these optional fold down tables which can eat dinner off and the rear bench which slides forwards and backwards by up to 13 centimetres to small seats pop up from the boot which can just about be used by adults for short hops and should proof fine for kids you even get cupholders back here with them stared this 560 litres of boot space behind the rear seats expanding to 1820 litres with them all fold it flat so it looks like a BMW but does it feel like one on the road well despite sharing quite a few parts with the latest minis yes somehow BMWs engineers but managed to get in the feeling of driving luxury cars from Stuttgart the oily weighting of this steering the tour chassis and the very smooth and fast gear changes from this automatic gearbox or feel suitably premium this model is the xDrive 220 d and because it's four wheel drive it feels even more assured than the standard model and can get from nought to 60 80 miles an hour an impressive 7.8 seconds so be honest for most people buying this kind of car that kind of performance is probably unnecessary but if you do live in Wales or the Scottish Highlands then it's certainly good to have that power and all with a grip whatever Grand Sport you choose the handling is certainly very grippy and confidence-inspiring and while this M Sport version is slightly firm over some bun most Asians are also pretty comfortable to families people the 1 1 8 D with 148 horsepower should be the sweet spot in the range because there's enough pulling power to move people and their luggage but it can also return an impressive 64 point two miles per gallon there's an even thrifty at 1.5 litre diesel called the won 160 which has 114 horsepower and converts in sixty eight point nine miles per gallon but it can feel a little bit sluggish at times especially if you start to load it up with seven people if you often drive shorter distances or once a car with a sports you feel might be interested in the 2:1 a tie which comes with a Mini Cooper engine with 136 brake horsepower or the 220 i which gets 190 bhp and both of those engines can return between 45 and 50 mpg as you'd probably have guessed the BMW 2 Series Gran turret doesn't come in cheap with the entry level t1 8i SE model costing from twenty four thousand seven hundred and ten pounds that makes it more expensive than the Citroen Grand c4 Picasso at 20 grand but puts on more of a level playing field with the 22,000 pound Volkswagen Touran and the 25 grand Ford s-max also this be under view does counter with strunk kit levels and excellent running costs if you wanted a luxury 7 seater before now your only choice was a big SUV but the grand tourer changes that now's a really good market interior and impressive performance thanks to its advanced engines and slippery shape it's also a lot more economical than a traditional 4×4 and even in this range topping 220 DX Drive we've regularly been seeing more than 50 mpg on most trips if styling might not quite have the wow factor of an SUV boy if it's a luxury MPV you're after then look no further but could you see your family piling into the back of this grand tourer let us know in the comments and don't forget to hit the subscribe button to inquire about this car click on the button and to watch more video reviews like this one click on the links on screen now you

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