excuse me sir i noticed your car is gold yes i 
love gold you join me inside the 2021 acura tlx   type s it is the return of the type s 
name which originated in japan on the 1997   honda nsx was then brought to the us in 2001 
with a 3.2 cl but we all remember the 2007   tlx type s the car i thought 
looked the business growing up   and was so sad when it was discontinued and 
we've been without a type s car from acura   for all that time but it's finally back on 
their new tlx sport sedan and we need to see   what the type s name means this time around in 
terms of exterior styling and interior pizzazz   and performance and importantly if the tlx type 
s is a car shopper should be considering instead   of perhaps one of its german competitors we're 
going to find that out today on miles per hour and there it is the 2021 acura tlx type s 
this one is painted in the type s exclusive   tiger eye pearl it's a 500 
paint job option so very golden   with this popping metallic flake on the surface of 
the paint i love this color but not everyone does   and in the live q a for this car i got a great 
question and that is is this color one that   just looks cool for a week and then kind of 
gets old or does it look awesome all the time   and i can't fully answer that question because 
i only have the car for a week but i will say   every time i've come out to a parking lot 
or opened up the garage and i see this color   i get excited to drive the car and 
therefore i think it's successful   but if you want to take the more conservative 
approach to your paint jobs there is that apex   blue pearl that i had on the tlx ace back if 
you haven't seen that review go check it out   and i love that color too same price 500 still 
popped but it was perhaps a bit more palatable   every day to every person let's talk styling 
on the tlx types and specifically we'll   point out the things that are different 
about the type s versus the standard tlx   we'll start with a grill so you still have that 
diamond pentagon shape with black gloss surrounds   on the type s like all the details on the type s 
they're all going to be in black gloss the accents   but unlike the regular tlx that has diamonds 
that are actually filled out they're like 3d   this one they're passed through so it creates 10 
percent more airflow than the standard tlx grille   got type s badging here on the bottom right corner 
standard led headlights and led daytime running   lights with that what acura called chicane effect 
to the drl so it does this like check mark thing   very cool very recognizable as an acura tlx 
on the road then down here the corner inlets   are now functional so this part is blocked off 
up here but the regular tlx it's all blocked out   this one actually has pass-through airflow on the 
bottom part so it's going to send cool air to the   front brakes and tires more black gloss for the 
border to that black gloss front chin splitter and look at all the sharp creases on this 
hood so it's an aluminum hood aluminum fenders   and just a hard edge right there down the center 
branching off of each side and then at the corners   and this line kind of just 
dissolves into the window surrounds   this one right here picks up below the type 
s badge and runs towards the tail lights sharp looking sedan the wheels are 
20 inches as standard on the type s   you have two options for the designs the 
standard no cost option has many more spokes   than this a little more luxury oriented in its 
aesthetic but this has the summer wheel and tire   package so you save five pounds per wheel with 
this 10 spoke really five split spoke design   that's derived from the acura nsx and they're 
now wrapped in pirelli p0 tires 255 section at   all four corners great summer rubber i like this 
wheel design quite a bit with a gun metal finish it's so much better looking than the standard 
tlx's wheels which even in their 19-inch a-spec   form were just so pedestrian these 
have that sports car look to them   red painted brake calipers are 
also standard on the type s   with acura spelled out they're brembo four pistons 
up front with larger than the standard tlx 14.8   front rotors it's an electro servo braking system 
a brake by wire system we'll talk more about that   during the driving impressions i mentioned 
the type s badge on the side and the black   mirror caps body color matching for 
the lower arms matte black window trim and black loss for the pillars stepping back you can really see how acura stressed the rear 
drive dynamics of the tlx type s even though   it is a front-wheel drive based super handling 
all-wheel drive system they really just wanted to   make it look sporty so they pushed the cab as far 
back as possible extending that dash to axle ratio   it looks cool hard cut down low and 
then that crease i mentioned earlier   add a little flare to the profile as you get towards the rear the width 
of this car really comes into play   and some of it is actual width some of it is 
aesthetic or visual width that they've added   and i'll show you how they do that but this 
car is longer and wider than its kind of key   c segment rivals the c-class the three series 
the audi a4 and you really see it from a full   rear view so some of the visual width that they've 
added is by keeping this tight to the body here   to the greenhouse and then letting this flare out 
that just makes it look wider than it actually is   these huge quad exhaust ports really 
stand out from the full rear view as well   polished finish two pipes coming 
off of one muffler on each side   and you've got this gloss black diffuser type 
s badge up here on the trunk and then the   led tail lights these are not on right now but 
they have the for the drls the same chicane effect   as the front daytime running lights 
black loss for that trunk lip spoiler it's a really cool looking car i'm 
struggling for words right now it's just   it's a striking expressive design acura's 
done a great job here and the type s accents   especially the wheels and how they fill out those 
housings set the tone for the driving experience   let's go check out that interior on our way in 
we'll see we have keyless entry so you can leave   the key in your pocket just pull on the door 
handle to unlock it to lock it put your finger   on those three lines we have that for the front 
doors and the rear ones what do we say to that   maximum convenience opening up and looking inside   i mentioned this tiger eye pearl paint job is 
exclusive to the type s as is this orchid interior   color sort of an eggshell white perforated 
milano leather seats with these suede inserts   are standard on the type s they're 16 
way power adjustable including power   adjustable side bolsters we have type 
s embossed on the front seat headrests   only two options for the exterior 
that color and the wheel options   only one interior option for the type s that is 
the trim here we have the optional carbon fiber   nice rich weave to that carbon fiber with a 
gloss surfacing i prefer it to the standard   aluminum geometric-ish door trim that 
just doesn't do anything for me this   looks cool and it looks right on a sportier 
car like this other type s goodies include   aluminum tread plates type s floor mats with 
red borders to them aluminum pedals and this   leather wrapped flat bottom steering wheel with 
perforations at nine and three nice and thick   and yes you can get this wheel on the tlx 
a-spec but now it says type s on the bottom   aluminum paddles on the back of the steering wheel 
not a ton of travel and they're not that large   but they get the job done to speak of material 
quality in here we've got injection molding   for the upper part of the door not very exciting 
but it transitions to leatherette for the insert   here in black and then for the armrest more 
leatherette in orchid with a black contrast   stitching that goes all the way up the grab handle 
that looks nice not so nice as the hard plastic   for the insert for the door or for the window 
switches but all windows are one touch up   down with this little metallic piece at the end 
nice touch power folding door mirrors are standard down below here we're into hard plastic though 
i wish that was at least injection molded   i also wish that the speaker cover had that 
metallic finish like this one up here you do have   two position memory seats as standard and then a 
trunk release button here press and hold that for   just a second it'll pop right up it's not power 
closing but it's nice and light so easy to close   the trunk itself we've got 14 cubic feet of space 
pretty good size for the segment nice cutouts   just behind the wheel arches below that 
below the floor we have a tire inflation   kit you don't get a full-size spare 
your battery is going to be below that and you can fold down the seats but there's 
that structural brace right there so   we're going to see how limited it is you can pull 
on these tabs so you don't have to go to the side   pull anything to fold the seats you can reach in   push with little force and the seats fold down 
but yeah with that brace there whatever you want   to pass through has got to be pretty long and 
low not tall no furniture is going through there close up the trunk you've got this handle 
here like i said it's nice and light   so one quick pull we'll close that up let's hop into the front seats here and we're gonna start up the car get some air 
going start stop button there close up the door nice and solid close in front of the driver we don't have a digital 
instrument cluster like we're kind of going   to these days analog gauges for the tach and 
speedo with a silver backing and red numbers   the inner part on the speedo is in kilometers 
per hour outer part and speed you can see your   oil temperature on the left and your fuel gauge 
on the right of that tft display this part is a   bit of a letdown i can make peace with no digital 
gauge cluster because these analog gauges are cool   but the tft display i want to have a bit more 
going on the graphics aren't that sharp the colors   aren't that rich it's just kind of a letdown 
you can flip through some different information   on the right hand side of the wheel here you've 
got this rubberized textured controller so you   can see the super handling all-wheel drive system 
how it's delivering power in real time that's cool   tire pressure oil level navigation that's 
standard on the car digital speedometer trip data drive retention level and some of your active 
safety features you do get a full suite   of acuras i cannot remember their name for 
their suite of active safety features you   get adaptive cruise control lane keep assist lane 
departure warning blind spot monitoring with rear   cross traffic alerts automatic emergency braking 
that's all standard on this car here are those   controls right in here for the adaptive cruise and 
lane keep assist turn on cruise control with that   right there injection molded and then plasticky 
airbag cover here this doesn't scream luxury to me   left-hand side you've got some other controls   for your media so you can hit this apps button 
here that will pop up on the display and you   can go to your apple carplay or android auto or 
what other media settings you've got going on   on the left hand side is our turn signal a little 
metal feeling finisher there on the outside   turn signal is going to show up there and on the 
left and you of course have one touch for that   your wiper controls on the right hand side these 
stocks feel about average they don't necessarily   feel luxury your tilt and telescoping of the 
wheel is all manual so you pull down on this lever   and the wheel can go down and up a fair bit 
and come out quite a lot so good adjustment   for the wheel and i i prefer manual honestly 
it takes too long to use the power controls   looking at the upper part of the dashboard 
trimmed in leatherette with this molding   around the gauge cluster silver contrast stitch 
here that continues up onto the passenger side   then we have an aluminum bar that runs 
on this lip under the hvac controls   textured plastic here over the lip and 
then it transitions back to leatherette   your hvac controls uh look a bit economy car 
like they're pulled out of the honda accord they   didn't upgrade them at all for this acura luxury 
product therefore that's a bit of a letdown but   then you do have your ventilation and heating 
here can't do them at the same time you do have   an auto button however that will ventilate or heat 
your seat depending on the temperature you've set   contrasted by the temperature actually inside 
the cabin carbon fiber trim as i mentioned with   this aluminum border that runs all the way down 
here towards the center console that looks nice   between the carbon fiber pieces you have piano 
black which is going to smudge and scratch   especially because you'll touch it fairly often 
or your fingers will smudge it because you're   getting to the physical start stop button love 
that physical break hold thank goodness they have   that then your drive selection keys here which 
are in a linear format just like the acura nsx   you got park the button reverse you pull back that 
reveals your camera angles here you do not have a   surround view camera system even as an option in 
the tlx you just have this wide view camera system then neutral another button drive is a 
button hit that and it's going to go green   i wish that when you hit it again to go 
into sport powertrain it would go red or   something some other visual cue that you're in 
sport powertrain instead you have to look here   and nice and small it's up on the tft display back to park then you have your dynamic 
mode selector love this just how easy it   is to use crank left and you'll see what 
mode you're in i'm in comfort right now   crank right graphics change now i'm in 
normal mode crank right one more time you   can hear the baffles and the exhaust open 
up we're in sport crank and hold now we're   in sport plus this is a type s exclusive 
drive mode and then if you hit the middle   you're in individual mode to set individual 
mode for your preferences you press and hold   the center you don't have to hunt around in the 
infotainment then you can set your engine response   steering comfort of your suspension or stiffness 
whether you want your start stop system on or off   and the cabin lighting there are 27 different 
accent lighting themes to the tlx type s 24 of   which you can customize and then three of which 
are tied to your drive mode so let's go back to normal mode love the physical volume knob with 
neural finish on it and physical seat controls   and now we're getting into the acura true touch 
infotainment system on this 12 inch widescreen   orientation this system took me a while to get 
used to i've now experienced it on a few different   acura products and i've gotten better at it it's 
still a little finicky so here's how it works   you press and drag your finger to certain zones 
of the screen and as long as your finger is held   in that position it'll hold with it if you lift up 
your finger accidentally or on purpose it will go   blank again it won't hold your selection 
you can customize the screen such that   the different zones top left 
bottom left bottom right top right   are your you know most commonly used zones 
and that's how i would do it such that you're   not having to you know do this these maneuvers 
you're just kind of pressing top left and you're   getting to navigation or bottom left and you're 
getting to home or however you want to set it up   it is a natural process so that's how they do it 
in computer speak so if you swipe left it's going   to go right on the screen swipe right it will go 
left you have this other zone over here for these   three selections you can have your clock media 
information navigation again you can get used to   it it doesn't really bother me all that much 
you can switch these two modules at any time it's fine a nice place for your arm to rest as 
you're going through the different selections here   or using the truetouch system wireless smartphone 
charging pad is standard on the tlx type s   here is your key you have acura logo and type s on 
the front an aluminum brushed finish on the bottom   nice heft to the key as well 
lock and unlock and trunk release   panic button and you do have an engine start 
stop if you hold that after hitting the lock   aluminum border to the cup holders center console 
in the orchid leather color it's actually leather   right material with the contrast stitching there 
open it up and you have two usb ports standard usb   a's not usb cs a dc socket pretty nice large cubby 
you do have to plug in that's why i have the cord   in there to use the apple carplay or android 
auto system i'll show you some b-roll of that   and now with all that let's go to the rear 
seats briefly just to see how those look   doors open nice and wide   and while i mentioned that there's not a lot 
of pass-through functionality because of the   strut brace you can still with the seats 
folded down put things in here and not worry   about scratching up your leather you just 
have a fabric backing here that's useful i mentioned the one touch windows up 
down and the windows go all the way down nice solid feel to that door handle 
i wish some of the carbon fiber trim   from the front made its way to the back but 
alas we have leatherette with contrast stitching   here that hard plastic injection molding 
more leatherette in here let's hop inside all right so it's six feet tall that's my driving 
position this is how much knee room i've got   just a little bit about an inch and a half and the 
foot pockets are very narrow so i can't slide my   feet too far under and decrease the knee angle so 
instead they're kind of uptight to my body here   you have a leather wrapped storage behind the 
seats this is all hard plastic this is back to   the leather you have air vents thankfully but no 
third zone climate control no usb cs or usb ports   back here or even a dc socket you're gonna have 
to ask the front passengers to spare one or two   if they're two back passengers so there aren't 
even four ways to charge your device there well   technically there are okay so you've got the 
wireless smartphone charging pad two usbs and then   a dc socket you can make it work i just really 
wish for convenience sake they had some usbs back   here you do have a center console that comes down 
with cupholders and a little storage area in here   and let's look at headroom so it's six feet 
tall again my head just barely clears the roof   which is in this black fabric you've got your 
grab handle you've got a place to hold your   laundry but not a lot of other stuff for 
rear seat passengers and with that done   pop open the fuel door capless fueling 
thank you acura all that's left now is what it's our big bottle test let's see if 
we can find a spot in the acura tlx type that's   starting with a cup holder up front oh so close 
but it's not going to fit center console you're   up next if you had a bit of an angle no close 
but no cigar door pocket you're our only hope huh okay well you can kind of negotiate it like 
that and it'll stay so we've got a technical pass   for the tlx type s on our 
big bottle test and with that   we're gonna rev it up well 
let's go to sport mode for that that's better and i'm gonna ask that 
if you've been enjoying this video   that you like comment and share 
it and let's get to the drive all right it's time for some fun we're 
gonna do a launch control in the tlx type s   and though the car doesn't have an 
official launch control system not a   button you press or anything like that we 
can simulate it by going into sport plus   holding right the dynamic mode selector and 
then simply holding your foot hard on the brake   given a gas building up to around 
2000 rpm and letting go of the brake and there's 60.

No drama of course off the 
line because it is an all-wheel drive system   acura's super handling overdraft 
system now in its fourth generation   can send up to 70 percent of the power to the 
rear wheels and then will truly torque vector   by that i mean not brake based torque factor 
not breaking the inner wheel to prompt rotation   but actually sending power up to a hundred 
percent of available power left to right   and so our 0 to 60 time i didn't 
time it myself but acura says   it's around four and a half seconds and from the 
seat of my pants that felt a little slower than   that independent tests have seen around four 
and a half seconds maybe even slightly quicker   so you'd probably see it as well but 
that felt higher four second range but still plenty quick the engine in the tlx type s is 
a three liter double overhead cam   v6 paired with a single twin scroll 
turbo making 15.1 psi of boost and therefore the car makes 355 horsepower 
at 5500 rpm and 354 pound-feet of torque   way down from just 1400 rpm all the way up to 5000 rpm so a nice broad 
and early peak torque availability there we're not going to go through some 
twistier bits so we're going to   stay in sport plus drive mode as we do 
this and test out not just that engine but the 10-speed automatic gearbox that is an in-house transmission 
from acura torque converter 10-speed   they said they've messed with it in 
the tlx type s the shifts are quicker 40 quicker in manual mode 30 quicker 
in this sport plus drive mode   certainly holding out those gears   downshifting properly as you get on the brakes 
i'm going to just out this turning radius here how tight is it pretty tight power out of a hole is nice with the brakes nice initial bite short pedal 
travel and this variable ratio steering rack   means that requires less input in sport plus 
drive mode to get the wheels to turn and   they've also quickened it compared to the tlx 
a-spec and i feel that and i like these brakes   it's especially impressive to me how much 
i like these brakes because they're not   actually connected to anything the electro servo 
breaking by wire system far from the acura nsx   means that it's just sort of simulating 
or guessing as how much braking resistance   and bite you need based on your driving behavior back to the rack for a second the quickness 
helps the car feel much smaller and more agile   and though there's a slight 
bit of deadness on center   the resistance builds nicely 
through the corner giving you   the essence of direct feedback 
even though it's not actually there another thing acura's done 
to really make this car feel   smaller than it actually is is by 
stiffening up significantly the chassis 13   more rigid torsionally thanks to stiffer 
front and rear anti-roll bars thicker rather   and 40 stiffer front springs along 
with all the under body stiffening   and the bracing it really holds 
its body motions in admirably also admirable is this transmission the shifts are 
noticeably quicker than the 10 speed i experienced   in the tlx the regular one i just had so many 
complaints with that especially in manual mode   but this sport plus mode 
gives it much more of an edge   in automatic mode and we'll see how it does 
in manual mode later but it just makes it a   much more enthusiastic driving experience 
the changes they made to this transmission   and that super handling all-wheel drive 
system really getting the power down you   can feel it pushing out on that outer 
wheel slingshotting it out of corners this is fun lots of fun now we are going 
to go into manual mode just by pulling on   the paddle on the steering wheel there is 
no dedicated manual mode which does kind   of bother me i wish there was one so it would 
hang out there see right there already it went   back to auto mode before i could shift and it 
still upshifted for me before i got to redline   that's somewhat frustrating watch you'll see 
it upshift before i actually pull the paddle   well that was like the same time 
because i knew it was gonna happen   but the shifts are quicker notably they are 
quicker but that still kind of frustrates me watch   yep i didn't even go near the paddle 
it shifted right around 6000 rpm   and still instead of waiting till 6200 
when the red line hits i don't like that   if you sort of bake in that expectation that 
it's going to shift for you before redline   you can get around it that just leaves one final 
element performance and that is the soundtrack   which is certainly better than the 
stator tlx and it's 2.0 turbo 4.   but really only in sport plus in the 
other drive modes the soundtrack is just there's nothing there sport plus gives it the emotion that 
is required of something that purports   to perform in the way it 
does and then in fact does and i know acura is synthesizing this sound 
and bringing it in through the speakers   and i try to just forget that let's take a 
breather now though from the urgency excitability   of sport plus drive mode just go into comfort 
drive mode and see how these adaptive dampers   treat you on the daily the steering i 
noticed immediately lessens up its urgency   requires more effort into the wheel to turn 
it and that's that's what you want for more   more relaxed drive the throttle tip in is softer and the ride quality instantly eases up so these adaptive dampers are doing their best   to eat up the punishment of the road and you know 
this isn't my only experience behind the wheel   in the tlx type s if you've seen my pov test 
drive and night drive i've done a fair bit of time   behind the wheel and in all the aspects in comfort 
mode in all the environments in comfort mode   the tlx really just strikes that balance 
so nicely of still feeling sporty but being amenable to your daily 
tasks going up and down driveways and   over bumps and through little ruts in the 
road it just calms down so very nicely   and that's saying something considering 
the car is riding on 20-inch wheels now   and as all that additional 
stiffening that acura did to the body for it's still to ride like this while 
still being you know you feel the bumps   you know it's still a sporty sedan 
but it's not hurting you to drive it it's also really rather quiet in this cabin and at 
freeway speeds it really checks that box of being   respectably subdued for the cabin noise and that 
engine as we can hear just disappears completely   it's just gone the seat is also remarkably 
comfortable as i mentioned you do have the power   adjustable side bolsters so i tighten it up for 
those tighter corners now i've loosened them up and the support from the cushion the ergonomics 
of the seats are excellent visibility is also   great i mean we're dealing with the sedan 
we don't have a massive c pillar like an suv   to see around but we do of course have blind 
spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert   parking sensors auto emergency braking all 
those things to help you out and then when   you're in a highway driving environment you've got 
adaptive cruise control and steering assistance   two other standard things as part of acura 
watch i remember the name acura watch their   suite of active safety features and they work 
very well to keep the car centered in the lane and following just the right 
distance from the car in front of you it goes toe-to-toe with its german 
rivals in terms of the safety features   and the ride quality and the performance 
but let's talk about those competitors   more in depth the starting price for the 21 acura 
tlx type s is going to be 53 3 and that's going to   come fully decked out as you see this one except 
for the few options i pointed out including the   paint color the tiger eye pearl or apex blue 
pearl or any of the other special paint colors   the carbon fiber trim and the summer wheel entire 
package that brings up this car's price to 55.3   and that's a pretty darn good price when you think 
about what it competes against and this car as i   mentioned is a bit of an oddball it's slightly 
larger and wider than the c segment cars like the   21 audi s4 that one's going to start at just under 
51 000 it's going to make 349 horsepower the 0 to   60 time for that one is going to be in the low to 
mid 4 second range and it's fuel economy i didn't   mention that for the tlx type as fuel economy of 
this car is 19 city 24 highway and 21 combined   the s4 gets 23 combined so it's a little quicker 
to 60 and the fuel economy is slightly higher for   that one though its trunk space is notably 
smaller then we've got the cadillac ct5v so   that's a little larger than the audi s4 but more 
close to the dimensions of the tlx type s that   one's gonna start at the cheapest of the bunch 
at just under forty nine thousand dollars it's   gonna make 360 horsepower about the same as this 
zero to sixty also about the same at 4.6 seconds   and the fuel economy is tied with this at 21 
combined mpg this vehicle also competes with a   whole segment of other of these sporty sedans like 
the kia stinger gt and the infiniti q50 red sport   but i also want to focus on the bmw m340i xdrive 
that for me has been the segment leader in terms   of performance and comfort and tech and all the 
other good stuff you expect at this price point   but its price point is higher it's 57.5 
for the x drive i version of that vehicle   and it makes 382 horsepower so a lot more 
power than this 0 to 60 is also quite a   bit quicker at four seconds flat and the fuel 
economy for that one is somehow 25 combined fpg   the trunk size is also on that car is huge it's 
17 cubic feet of space and i'll say this the bmw   m340i still holds the edge even after driving the 
tlx type pass it still holds the edge as a more   buttoned up sport sedan it's still not at that 
class of the m3 and there's reason for that   and neither is the tlx type s it's just very 
assured in the way it goes around the corner   the power is intoxicating there's quite a bit of 
it and the fit and finish of the material quality   is a little bit higher than this car so i'm gonna 
have to keep the m340ix drive at the peak of   the segment for me but it is more expensive if 
you add on any options that that quickly rises   above sixty thousand dollars so if you can't 
afford that car the tlx type s puts the hurt   seriously puts the herd on the audi s4 and the 
cadillac ct5v i think it's more fun to drive   than both of those cars it's better looking i 
think it's the best looking car of its class   it's just so striking and inside and out it looks 
really really cool the handling dynamics are there   it like i said is not as tight as tightly put 
together as that m340i the interior i've got some   little niggles i wish that the tft display 
was better resolution sharper graphics   i wish the truetouch system was easier to use 
like bmw's idrive system i wish there was a   head-up display i wish there was a surround view 
camera system but putting those things aside and   and some of the buttons feeling a little more 
economy putting those things aside this vehicle   is it's just better than the s4 it's more fun to 
drive it's better looking i would rather have this   one on a daily basis than that s4 and the same 
goes for the cadillac ct5e so again if you cannot   afford the peak the bmw m340i the 21 accurate 
tlx type s is not going to leave you wanting   in any regard and i'm so excited for the new tlx 
or the type s versions of acura models come first   and foremost that mdx type s because i liked the 
mdx but i was just hunting for a type s version   so with all that said tlx type ass very much 
gets a thumbs up for me thank you guys so much   for watching this in depth review and i will see 
you guys again next time until then sport plus a lot of cranks a lot of 
cranks there we go sport plus you.

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